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  1. This has been my experience too. I always put experienced pet type foster pairs down at the same time now. I find they are superb feeders and have saved me many a nightmare
  2. Look like keratin type cysts/tumours. They tend to crop up repeatedly, much like warts have a tendency to do on some people. They will probably re-occur and do more damage each time until she loses function in the wing. At least thats the end result i've observed.
  3. Good to hear Mario "AI" Capasso's birds are of good quality. Would love to chat with the guy...
  4. All you need is a 'name' and your crappiest culls will fetch hundreds because they are 'XXX stock'. Same culls you and I would sell for $20-50...
  5. This looks like stress chewing to me as well.
  6. still on the forums guys, just in between aviaries at the moment! Will post once I have something worth talking about! Birds should be moved in to our new home in about a month or so!

    1. kochy23


      look forward to hearing an update dean


    2. Dean_NZ


      I am really pleased at how my main 'stud' family chicks are progressing. Some better than others, but overall very very pleased. They all look very similar, easily recognized as siblings.

  7. Thought so, have the grinter look lol. Funny how you start to see it after being around a while.
  8. Awesome to hear of your success So gratifying to have some recognition of your hard work and breeding/husbandry/preparation
  9. Definitely scaly mite affecting the cere and the feet/legs. She is moving constantly because of the pain and irritation/swelling from the mites attacking her. You need to purchase some ivermectin and place one drop on the SKIN of the back of the neck. You can also treat her feet and cere by coating them daily in either vaseline or paraffin oil, i prefer paraffin oil for no particular reason - just do. Either works, but it is the ivermectin that will actually kill the mites and it will work fast. Go get it from your nearest vet.
  10. Seriously? We talking about the same bird here? This is gonna sound critical no matter how nicely I put it, so take it with a grain of salt as im not out to attack or criticize. But budgies are BIG TIME night fright prone. Be hard pressed to find someone on any budgie forum who hasnt either experienced it with their birds, been scared being woken by it or witnessing it and not being able to calm them (all you can do is turn lights on and wait), or by losing much loved or prized breeding/showing birds with broken necks and other injuries from a night fright crash.
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