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  1. Hi Finnie, Thanks for your kind words. I do appreciate it & it helps to talk to someone who understands & cares. Yes I have thought of getting another little budgie & will do so after my travels. Again thank you for your thoughts. Love the picture of the baby birdies!
  2. My little Maddie went to Heaven this morning at the Brisbane Bird Vet Hospital. We took her there yesterday as she started breathing heavily & was sitting on the bottom of the cage lots of the time. The avian vet took an x-ray & Maddie had a large liver. They dosed her with the necessary medication, but unfortunately she lost the fight this morning, just after they fed her. I am broken-hearted - such a little bundle to cause me so much heartbreak. I had rescued Maddie on the 26.01.11 (Australia Day) when I was walking my dog, Molly. She was flying overhead, being chased by crows.
  3. I just cannot believe that the RSPCA would turn their back on what is, bird cruelty. Very disappointed to hear that. I can't cop any form of animal / bird cruelty. These poor creatures can't fend for themselves. How sad it all is.
  4. Hello Maddie,when in doubt about your birds health,just take a sample of it's droppings to a vet,they will analyze the droppings and give you any appropriate medication . Thanks for your reply. Maddie is chirping & as bright as a button & I don't think for a minute that she is ill. I just don't know if I should be worming her or not, as I am getting different opinions. I also don't know what wormer brand is best. As stated previously, I read where some pet store wormers are a waste of time.
  5. I have had Maddie since January this year after rescueing her from attacking crows. I have never wormed her. Are there any budgie experts out there to advise me if I should worm her? 2 people I've talked to have said "yes", another bird owner has said "no, not if she isn't in contact with other birds". If I do worm her, could you advise the best brand wormer that I can purchase (I've been told that some wormer supplied by pet stores are a waste of time & money). Hope I can get some expert replies - thanks in advance!
  6. Don't know if newspaper would have anything to do with it, but just in case the print is dangerous, I use natural white paper towel on the bottom of my budgie's cage.
  7. Hi all. I need some help here. I have had Maddie my lovely budgie since rescueing her from crows on Australia Day this year. She seems healthy & happy. The only thing that I have found so far is that she has one solid black eye & the other eye is black with a grey colour on the outer rim, so I do hope that she isn't blind in one of her eyes due to possible injuries from the crows that I rescued her from. The other thing that is worrying me more is that twice now I have been woken up by her distressed noises during the night, & when I go to investigate she is at the bottom
  8. Hi. I am a new budgie owner after having rescued the goegeous little thing from crows attacking it. It must have escaped from its home, & I was so pleased when it survived. So now I have fallen in love with it & have purchased birdie toys, a flight cage & a smaller cage so that I can take her outside with me whilst I am having breakfast, etc. (my pets get the best of everything!). She is a happy little thing & does a lot of chirping, talking (though have no idea of all that she says) & she also seems to do a bit of a dance sometimes by bobbing her head up & down etc.