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  3. Corn is one of the most ‘famous’ cereal grains across the globe. Grown in countless countries worldwide, corn also come in varieties. Ultimately, sweet corn on cob is as healthy as a cereal grain and its rich in fibre, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Corn contains approximately 96 calories which is perfect for low calorie diets as well!
  4. I see this is a very old post but it's helped me out. I have an aggressive hen she was grooming the chicks harshly and had blood around her beak. You can hear the chicks are not enjoying the treatment. The chicks don't have alot of feathers and seem to be grouping together to keep each other warm. I leave the heating on for them so they don't get too cold. I removed the hen and the cock bird has continued to feed the five chicks. He was fine the whole day yesterday going in and out the nest box. This morning he was slightly hesitant for a few minutes but with the calls for food he has contin
  5. Hi there So long since I posted on here - back for some more valuable advice on mutation please. I purchased this red-eyed baby from local pet shop & would really appreciate any help you can give. There are a few cinnamon coloured tail feathers - it was so difficult to get (her) to sit still long enough to get photos. Hope these will suffice. Many thanks!
  6. Hi, I think this is the best picture I have. They are not easy target. [emoji51] BR Jenny Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  7. Hii Guys, I have an Aviary to set up for my 9 year old kid. But before that, I need to set up the base for it to make it a solid base to prevent from possible rodents. We work long hours and do not have much time for any U-Turns if not done properly. So, would appreciate if any one is expert enough to please share their tips to make a solid base with what I have got. I have got: 57 - 400x400 size Pavers Gravel of size 20mm approx Sand - quarter qubic meter We have clay soil in my back yard. One question, If I place 1cm x 1cm mesh at the botto
  8. My budgie had been doing like hi cups like things past night it can not sleep peacefully last night it is just whimping it is feeling tired but it can't sleep because of this uncontrollable "hiccups" I searched upon this on internet but it has said that budgies don't have a diaphragm so they won't get hiccups then what is with my budgie , I gave my budgie water it drank but still not recovered VID_20210321_110851.mp4 I can't see it suffering like this pls someone help me out of this !. VID_20210321_110851.mp4
  9. Hello! So I'm new to the website so I hope I'm doing this correctly. I bought this pair of two budgies (one male and female) about 3 weeks ago and have been slowly gaining their trust. They've become tame enough to land and even eat off of my hand but recently they started biting my fingers when I take the treat away and they're still on my hand. Am I doing something wrong or is there something I can do to stop this behavior from continuing? At first it was just nibbles but they have just progressively been getting stronger in their bites and I don't want them to bite other people. Thank you i
  10. IQF fruits and IQF vegetables are the preferred choices of many owing to their various qualities and benefits. They are quick to cook and readily available to prepare a wide range of dishes. They do not lose their nutrients while undergoing the freezing process and have longer shelf life compared to fresh fruits and vegetables.
  11. Wow he is so gorgeous, I'm sure he have a violet factor but I'm not sure if it's DF or SF. But even if he is a SF he will have violet babies, violet is dominant. I recommend you to breed him with a blue violet hen budgie, you would have amazing violet colors from they🤩
  12. I've heard it's possible to have the violet factor and the gray factor in a budgie, but I haven't seen any photo. These budgies take just one of the 2 factors in their color and we just know they had the other factor too when they have babies? Or we can see both factors (visually) in a budgie??
  13. Because of his cheek patches maybe he is a sky blue with violet factor, they are like cobalt blue but mord bright. If you could take a picture close to their cheek patches and his chest would be better to identify him
  14. i recently purchased 6 budgies and have them for a month,have tried taming mild success,my question is when is it okay to introduce them to the aviary i built they are my only budgies. thanks for your reply. victor
  15. Kay

    Found Budgie!

    Hello everyone! I recently found a budgie on the side of the road! It is very cold where I live so I am thankful I found him and he was cold/tired enough to let me scoop him up with my sweatshirt. He snuggled right in! I am assuming a family lost him, I have contacted local pet stores / vets / went knocking around the neighborhood he was found in and I've basically hit a dead end. If he just escaped I am sure his family thinks he is dead and isn't looking for him and if he was dumped, then he is just in a similar situation now. I have absolutely no problem keeping him. I've never owned bi
  16. Hi guys, I have had my budgie for over a year, however it has just sparked my interest to find out what mutation he has and how rare it is. Any help would be much appreciated 63743031326__29A436DE-394A-4B4E-82F8-1593064ED121.MOV
  17. its a transparent balloon type material with odd pale yellow balls inside im really worried i dont know what to do i cant really afford a vet right now but im very concerned i need consultation with someone who has any experience with this please!!! its kinda beating but im not sure if its due to her breathing or not... its at the back of her neck right above her wing please!!!!! help! ive provided the video below FullSizeRender.mov
  18. My poor blue baby has been single since he flew into our life. There are females available yet he doesn't really know how to talk to girls. Instead of singing and grooming them, Blu rushes up and starts peck the female's wings and beak agressively. Is there a way to show him how to get a mate?
  19. Adore the greek mythology theme, great to see that these angels are in kind hands now 😊 Mind giving an update on your little gods and godesses?
  20. All budgies are unique so don't take my word for granted. It could just be the horomones kicking in although 3 months is a bit young.
  21. My female budgie used to do something similar after mating where she would chase us around and attack our hands, often trying to rub her bum, for days at a time. We noticed that her abdomen was a lot larger and got her diagnosed with fatty liver disease. After a diet change and medication she was back to being her regular, half-aggressive self. I would recommend taking your budgie for a check up and an x-ray if possible just to see whether her liver may be enlarged. If you can't do that an easier option would be to offer fresh fruit and vegetables instead of seeds as well as a mixture of
  22. Green peas are always under-rated! Let’s admit it; none of us really understood the benefits of green peas or even thought of it any more than just an ordinary vegetable. Green peas have been part of our staple diet.
  23. Hi there. I stumbled upon this forum while looking up a question I had. I've had my first 2 budgies since October 2020. I re-homed a pair I found online. I wasn't sure if they were siblings or mates or both so I named them Zeus and Hera (little mythology joke there as they were lovers and siblings). Then in January I re-homed a couple more from a local university's veterinarian school. About a week after that Hera laid her first egg. As of yesterday 3 are hatched. Below is Art this morning just before we did some training. Below is Art again, Demi (green
  24. Hello everyone, I've searched the internet high and wide and this topic was the only one that seems to be referring to the same thing that I'm seeing on my budgie (pictures attached). He is acting otherwise normally: chirps, talks, flies, eats, preens etc. I do sometimes notice watery poops, but they also look normal a lot of the time so I don't know, maybe they're watery after he has veggies or something. Do you think feathers colored like this are a color mutation or a sign of an underlying issue? They were all blue before his last molt, I'm fairly sure. He was hatched June 2020,
  25. What mutation is he? Only Spangle?
  26. i incubated my budgie eggs cause the second time mom had 15 eggs. her first time with eggs she had 7 and she abandoned them so i took care of the babies. so any ways 5 eggs are fertile and one is going to hatch very soon because it is chirping in the egg and im going to be too busy to take care of them. she has 5 eggs that are unfertile in her nest box and i was just going to put the babies in there and take the unfertile eggs out. does anyone think that will work?
  27. Hi everyone! My bonded pair recently had eggs and now they’ve hatched and are currently between 18-22 days old! It’s super exciting! But I’ve noticed the female tends not to always feed them on time and doesn’t spend time with the in the nesting box keeping them warm. They’re still young and do need that still. On the other hand the father is very attentive and cares about them a lot but doesn’t feed them, mum does that but very rarely:( This isn’t the reason I need to remove one parent, I’ve noticed that they’ve begun mating again and I really don’t want to put her at risk wi
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