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  1. thats terrible, poor little thing fortunatly i haven't seen anything like this.. poor little guys
  2. found a lost doggy :)

  3. wow i would like to go just even to check them out to bad i dont live near newcastle
  4. ohkay thankyou that has helped me alot i guess i'll be waiting a month or 2 before i can breed her georgie,
  5. I have a budgie, Old mate and i was just wondering if anyone knew what the ring number means? i tried to figure it out myself on the FAQS section but couldnt ring no. DM 10 027 The 10 is on its side and is much smaller then the other numbers. How old is she? because i dont want to breed a budgie under a year old georgie, it is a purple ring but it says 10 so? i'm confusing myself
  6. i hate when petshops have dogs in such small glass containers. so sad to see them watch all the people walking by while they are stuck in such a small living space
  7. setting up for my first ever cage breeding :D

    1. budgerigarsherewecome


      congrats, l only recently set up my breeding cage and anticipating eggs in 5 -7 days, very exciting :D

    2. georgie_leato


      i've put the hen in today SO EXCITED! :)

    3. budgerigarsherewecome


      take some pictures and upload it :D

  8. Thank you for beefy my first guess was cobalt but then i got confused ohwell leave to the experts i guess
  9. ahaha thats soo cool what a cute little budgie you have there
  10. Hi well before I start getting really busy getting lots of budgies I was wondering- a) what do you guys do to keep your budgies healthy and happy? b ) What are the most common/ deadly parasites (like lice and worms) and how do I treat them? c) how often do I need to treat these things? d) What are important things I need for an aviary of budgies? e) And what do I need to include in my first aid kit? Any answers are much appreciated Cheers,
  11. What beautiful budgies you have! I especially love this bunch
  12. ohkay so lets hope this works Well this is my new girl old mate and she is a normal grey? Now this is my little boy fantail and he is a normal sky blue? This is Beefy and My guess is he's a sky blue dominant pied? I'm not very sure about beefy but ohwell Please correct me if I'm wrong because I'm still getting the hang of it cheers, Yea, well its my birthday in 6 days and my dad is going to build me a good set up with a safety door, bird room and things like that and hopefully its going to turn out great!
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