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  1. thanks twisted, im not happy with the birdroom at this stage im planning to extend by at least another 1.5metres so i can fit more cages and shelves and include another window, i also want to line it and cover the floor by that stage i guess i wont be happy with the flight either haha ill keep this thread updated with more pics as i go.
  2. its been awhile since ive posted on this topic, so i thought id have an update. finally finished the steps today so thought id post a few pics to share. never anticipated how long this aviary would actually take to complete the list of work i want to do to it just keeps growing too!
  3. nice chicks fordmob, youve really hit the ground running nice work
  4. after seeing the link gb posted i think hes a good looking bird. i would be stoked to have him in my aviary. each to their own.
  5. yeah fair enough each to their own i guess. you have to imagine how much time and work went into obtaining those features though pretty incredible even if its not everyones cup of tea. birds here in NZ are quite different to this, in fact ours are quite similar to your guys i think we even adopted the same standards as you guys
  6. those uk birds really are something else arent they? a very nice bird. just check out the blow!
  7. im going through the same thing maddy you will come right i lost my best hen to internal laying and i thought i had plenty of calcium available these things just happen im only just giving it another go now. have you tried trimming the vent feathers of the birds that arfe laying infertile? ive just done that so fingers crossed it works
  8. you have some stunning chicks splat, im green with envy! how many do you have now?
  9. ive been working on the aviary agian this weekend just gone this time ive been building a set of steps up to the breeding room door, i managed to score some kwilah decking timber from work so far it looks great ill try get some pics up asap. it just one more step closer to being done. it will be nice when i can step back and look at it all finished hey sorry taylor i didnt see your post yeah the boxes are detacheable, they screw on. ill have a measure up of them tomorrow for you and get dimensions as well as pics
  10. thanks nubbly its a learning curve i guess. just an update, pair 4 was sitting on 11eggs all were clear including the 3eggs from the deceased grey green hen in pair 3. pair two never laid a single egg the cock is good to go because i had succesful rounds with him earlier this year with other hens, had similar problems with this hen last year. the replacement hen for pair three had four fertile eggs which i decided to move to pair four so that she could keep laying but the hen in pair four went rogue and gobbled the whole lot. a decidedly bad season so far, have decided to return the birds back to the aviary for a break before having another crack. hopefully ill have some better luck with the next round. will keep everyone posted on how i go but for now there is no progress. sorry
  11. hey guys its been awhile since ive updated this post, i lost the hen from pair 3 which was a bit of a tradgedy she was eggbound and was sitting on three eggs i came home at lunch last monday to get her to the vet but it was too late. im hoping i moved her eggs quickly enough to pair four which has 7 eggs by themselves! i put a spare hen down with the cock from pair three so im hoping that they will lay this week nothing from pair two at this stage. i think ive made a big misatake in culling other birds before the breeding season i havnt allowed enough fosters or back up birds, and the fact i only have four cages available has really limited what i can acheive still im hoping that i will come a way with a few chicks this season. ive been in contact with my mentor in the last week and her advice was to make sure i had more cages and birds available for next season and hold onto the worser birds as fosters a bit longer. im still relatively new to it all so its just a matter of learning from my mistakes i guess and soldiering on. things will get better!
  12. id love to have a 23c day right about now moglet am over the cold, but hey springs less than a month away so cant complain. 1 more egg to pair 4 taday
  13. wasa going to say pride thats a *** of a lot of snow! update pair 3 now has 2 eggs expecting another egg for pair four tomorrow
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