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  1. Hi all I am BACK

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nadene


      Yay, welcome back. It's so good to see some of the people come back that were here when I joined :)

    3. GenericBlue


      yeeeeyyy lol hey splatsta


    4. robyn


      Been missing in action for a while myself Splat, glad your back with your wonderful advice. Selling house at the moment so will be a while before I'm back also.cheers


  2. Happy Birthday Spat :)

  3. Happy Birthday Spat :)

  4. Hi and Welcome to the Forum, look forward to see your birds once you acquire some.
  5. Hello and welcome to the Forum, it's a great place to learn heaps.
  6. I have seen birds like this before but they were straight from the nest and not after their 1st moult. The reason for the ones I saw at a breeders was because of lack of nutrition , the parents would feed them probably and the result was birds with almost black heads and the were scrawny too.
  7. I say 2 boys, my dom pied boy has a cere like that, he never has much blue on it ever, most of his cere looks a pinky colour
  8. I had a really large egg hatch last year but only one chick inside. I had another huge egg this season but DIS . I broke it open and only one chick inside. I have had a lot of DIS this year
  9. I think it is shameful. Going by the price tag the shop is called BestPet but what suburb.
  10. Hello Kat and Welcome to the Forum.
  11. splat

    Hi All

    Hi Jasmine and welcome to the forum. When buying your new budgie I would advice to buy a very young male straight out of the nest at about 6 to 8 weeks old. males are easier to train and they don't bite as hard as hens. But make sure he is feeding on his own first don't let any one sell you one any under that age. But if you are after a show bird you will probably not get one that young as most breeders will keep them until they go through their 1st moult and sometimes second moult. I hope this helps.
  12. Yes Robyn the floods were bad, we were meant to leave the town but Greg and I stayed because I our birds. All birds were up in cages 5 feet high off the ground. If the levy banks broke they reckon we would of being sitting in 2 and 1/2 meter high water so was really scary, but it held thank god, lol I wish I did leave I would of got a $1,000. but stayed so missed out lol. We were basically isolated for a week. the birds were down before the floods started and I had to separate them so I could put them all up high so I ended up with a few egg bound hens that died in the end. But all is going fine now thank god. What do you mean it is topsy turvy there, meaning the weather. Very similar here.
  13. You have done a great job with him, I also love the cage and I had a giggle at the playground , dinning room and bedroom so cute.
  14. Hi all, well my breeding season is well on it ways with 28 pairs down. I have a lot of clear eggs which is sad but I also have over 35 fertile. To date I have 16 chicks ranging from 1 day to about 10 days, I lost my 1st chick yesterday and another one from the same nest is struggling the mum won't feed it . She was a good mum last year but not this year. I rung my 1st chick today also. Sorry no pics at the moment.
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