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  1. Hi everyone, a couple of my birds are showing sings of scaly face so I bought some 'aristopet scaly face and leg treatment for caged bird's from my local pet/produce place, has anyone had any experience with this product? does it work? I applied for the first time today and have to apply every day for the next 3 days then repeat in a couple of weeks. I would love to hear if anyone else has used this product and if it was successful?
  2. Its an indicator of heavily melanin and is usually only whilst in the nest. Once they fledge the nest it begins to fade away...may only last a week or two. Thanks KAZ, her first lot didn't seem to have any black marks, this lot seem to have a lot, I'm glad it's nothing to worry about
  3. Thanks, I am very happy with them, I have been out all day looking for an aviary so I can keep them all
  4. Welcome Raven I am also quite new so look forward to seeing your progress and the helpful hints and tips the professionals on here will give you along the way.
  5. Hi Everyone, thanks for your help again. I just wanted to show off Sunshine's other babies so here some pics also does anyone know why some get the black marks on their beaks? Sunshines first babies Sunshines second lot of babies
  6. Hi Everyone, thanks for all your help on this. As a newbie i'm learning so much from you all. I've taken some more pics in natural light as well as a picture of mum and dad budgie as suggested. Dad Mum (Sunshine) Baby in better light
  7. if this is mum n dad of you chick then you have a single factor golden face mauve hen

    if it is please post this picture for all members to see as you will get a exact answer to your question on your babys mutation and variety

  8. Sunshine's Dad


    Hi Everyone, I'm a new member although have been reading the forums since January when my first lot of baby budgies were born . There has been great advice and topics on here which have helped greatly and I am sure there is a lot more I can learn. Thanks
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