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  3. Hi there, I bought a beautiful budgie a few days ago. I got her from a pet shop who claimed that their budgies were all 8-10 weeks old. I’d done some research into sexing before hand to see if I could get an idea of what gender I was purchasing however when I got there, the Ceres of the budgies seemed more “adult”. The budgie I chose had a dark brown cere, the lady said she was a girl based on her bite? I double checked the age and they said definitely 8-10 weeks. Given that I’m quite new to all this I took their word for it but since getting her home I’ve become more convinced she is older. I
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  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum and would appreciate some advice. My hen is nesting. She has 5 eggs and is spending much of her time in the box, as is to be expected. Lately, though, I've noticed that she's losing feathers from her chest. It doesn't look sore, just bare. There's plenty of seed and fresh water, along with a variety of fruit and a mineral block. The cage is cleaned once a week. Can anyone explain why this might be happening? Thank you.
  6. My budgie, Jet, has a black colored leg band on his left leg with the code B13044 printed on it. I've been contacting a lot of breeders about this particular budgie and code combo and I haven't had much luck in receiving an answer yet. I would like to see if the BBC community has any insight or info on this mystery. ALL HELP IS WELCOME
  7. There are a few questions that would help us answer this mysterious question: - How long ago did you get the budgie? - How old would you say the budgie is (Colored band on leg may tell you age if present) - What diet do you have it on?
  8. I have a hen and cock that have bonded and I was wondering what colours their chicks would be. I have to wait another 6 months for maturity.
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  10. Hi I am looking for some advice on a beautiful little budgie I have acquired due to an accident. Here's the background: A nameless budgie living in a cage in a care home escaped and flew hard into a window. She was found lying virtually lifeless on the floor in a busy public area, not moving at all apart from breathing I took her home in a shoebox, to a quieter environment expecting that she wouldn't survive. However, fast forward a week and with love, care and hand feeding from my family and I, we have a very social, inquisitive bird, feeding well on seeds and f
  11. Hi everyone I am very new to budgies and only have one named Chinkee. I will write in another area of the forum as I have some questions that probably aren't appropriate for the introductory forum.
  12. My budgie butters just started randomly bleeding from his left nostril and is having a hard time breathing not only that he’s been bobbing his tail lately I don’t know what happened I’ve had him for about two years and his symptoms recently started if you know the cause of this please tell me thankyou
  13. I keep all my budgies in a big aviary and they do breed in that without much trouble, but I am now thinking about removing the mated pair and putting them in a separate cage. Does anyone have any advice for me? It would be appreciated
  14. So I got this new female red eyes budgie the other day, and I was wondering if she would mate with my normal male budgies. So first I introduced them and then shifted her inside my big cage in which all my budgies live. So far all the budgies are staying away from her even though she is super friendly. Will they not get along with her or are they just adjusting? Also will any of my 3 male black eye budgies breed with her? Plz answer as quickly as you can...
  15. Would this work for 2 Budgies or is it toxic to them? Link-Blue Hawk 10-ft x 3-ft Gray Steel Welded Wire Garden Hardware Cloth Rolled Fencing in the Rolled Fencing department at Lowes.com
  16. I’m not an expert but it sounds very similar to a hen I have I have since been told she has french moult which is a disease don’t no how as she is 14 months old and I was on the understanding it’s usually transferred from hen to egg and then birth not sure if that any help
  17. So I searched up if rolled oats are healthy and didn't exactly get answers I did here that budgies like them but is it healthy?
  18. Hi it looks like a normal grey but if you could show a side shot of him so I can see his wing markings Sent from my TA-1024 using Tapatalk
  19. I’d say definitely a boy, I have two and one’s cere is exactly that colour. But Charlie’s got lovely colours!! I look forward to seeing him after his first moult!! 😁😁😁
  20. Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum. Here are my two babies. 🐣🐣 Frosty (top) and Jazz. They’re about eight/nine weeks old. 😁😁
  21. Hi, just wondering what colour mutations is my new budgie? Thanks!
  22. My Budgie is making hiccup kind of sounds, but I know they don't have a diaphragm to do so. Basically, they move their neck up and down kind of like theirs food stuck inside. Sometimes they throw away some seeds and then, seem fine. I am living in an area where avian vets are not so common. As per one of the vet I consulted online, this seems like a digestion problem which shouldn't be very serious. I am also giving them medicine for the same, but they are no better Wanted to have a second opinion from you all. Please have a look at the video as well that I recorded today
  23. Very pretty, love the colours. How are they doing?
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