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  2. Last, night... tradegy struck. I was doing my laundry, and left my door open. I had Blu out for a training session, but my brother got him and was bothering him. I told my brother to get out, and again, he left the door open. He never pout Blu back in his cage and wel... the dog got in.... and we all know what happens next. I have no idea how to get over the loss of my best friend. The one thing I could come home and talk to. When I saw his feathers last night, my heart about exploded. I cried so much, my stomache hurt. I was screaming and freaking out and had no idea how to feel. Even now, I am crying and mourning the loss of my dear Blu. Let's just say, even though dogs have their wild side, I'm not forgiving the dog for killing Blu for a LONG time. I need some help on how to mourn the loss of my best feathered friend, Blu.
  3. a collection Young Yellowface pieds & olive green (Bob) a Yellow Pied (Joan)
  4. Hello, I hope I have posted in the right forum. I am not much experiences in bird diseases.My name is Ray and I have a 3 and half year old female budgie name Bella who has French molt. She is in quite a good shape and can fly. She had a sister but sadly she passed away 2 months ago.I got a new baby boy (5 month old now) for her as a companion. I have had him for about 1 and half months now and he is in quarantine. And it just now occur to me that he could potentially get FM. I was in under a lot of stress with the loss of my bird and lost of my job due to Covid that I neglected this vital issue.My main concern right now is that is FM contagious? Will he get it as well?The new baby boy is a carrier of some of sort of Bacterial infections (waiting for the blood test result) which has made Bella sick. She now has respiratory infection.When I took both of them to the vet, the doctor said to not mix them together and keep them separate forever as Bella has FM and he will get it as well.This never occur to me and now I am completely divided as I have invested so much time and effort and money to him. He is now completely hand trained, recall trained and I have thought couple of tricks.If it is contagious, I will want him to have the best of life and happiness and give him away but that breaks my heart. Bella is going to be alone for the rest of her life.
  5. Hello,Somebody came a few hours ago to buy a few Budgies off me. When he was about to go they asked us saying “I have a baby budgie who always lays on its back, has one bigger wing and one smaller wing and doesn’t eat itself. Only the mum feeds it”. He said what can I do, is it going to die? I said I am not sure but I will see and contact you later and I have now asked for a picture of the baby. That is all the description I have so far of the baby. I have never heard or seen of this problem so I am not experienced in this but I am here to see if anybody knows of this. Thanks a lot. I have now got some pictures
  6. hi, i am from Australia. Yeah, earlier I tried all type of bedding for my hens even I tried cotton sheets but you can try Straw and Hay. Sun-colored straw, with its sweet, earthy smell and springy texture is what many new hen keepers reach for to line their coop and nest boxes.
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  8. My lutino hen and yellow head normal cock just had their first clutch of three. Baby #1 is 33 days old today, the reason why I haven’t named it yet is because I cannot determine the sex due to he/she being ALBINO! Unfortunately I am not too experienced with genetics, yet I was always told that both parents are green based and albinos are blue based. My question is, how did this happen? I’ve attached pictures of the parents and baby. Thanks in advance.
  9. hi good day all i am having an issue with a male baby budgie i bought from am pet store ... he was in good health but suddenly his left foot started turning purplish black and now its bleeding i have carried him to vet and ave gotten anti biotics and pain killers but im now seeing the dark colour spreading upwards onto his body i am cleaning the area with a mild epsom salt and water mix wanted to know if you guys who has more experience than me can offer any advice ..... its my first time keeping budgies and im a bit worried about him , i have removed him from the main cage and put him seperately incase its an infection that can possible spread ...
  10. I was looking to get a good page that would help with budgies mutations as ive just started back into them or even a good book on it so far I've a yellow face grey green male Norman grey female 2 creaminos male and female and 2 lutino budgies male and female
  11. Was looking to know when this creamino ever came about as i got two just last week and just started getting back into it again
  12. Hey everyone. This is one of our budgies. His a suspected easley clearbody. Havent ever heard of this breed but have read its very rare. Is he an easley clearbody or a TCB? If he is an Easley should I show him eventually or his offspring? No experience with showing at all to add. But something I want to get into eventually.
  13. Oh, thanks. I'll try.... but he seems more scared of me.
  14. Budgie Rainbow October! Featuring... (not in any order) ♡Mufasa ♡Cloudy ♡Bob ♡Snowflake ♡Sparky ♡Silva ♡Moon ♡Kiwi ♡Blubabywhajejjikissyboy ♡Guapo The next budgie rainbow is starting when we have some more pictures. Thanks to all those who participated! (Ignore my garbage editing please, volunteers are welcome to help out)
  15. Forgot this place existed. Whoops. I might as well make the rainbow now with some of my babies too. Love the pics so far!
  16. Mufasa and cloudy, bob is the purple
  17. watch budgie training tutorials on you tube and try not to force him on your hand. Give him lots of treats while on your hand. Try to observe when he doesn't like your hand or people. It can take some time.
  18. Bob the violet budgie 😍 His colours look better in real life 😊👍
  19. Female and male budgies are both good, but a male can be less moody. Get a a younger bird - it is easier to tame and they will become more bonded to you.
  20. Sorry for the bad quality - looks pink but it kind of depends on the lighting.
  21. 💚 💛 Want to breed the pied budgies when older but unsure of the yellow and green one's gender - just making sure. 💛 💚
  22. So, I got a new Budgie. His name is Blu! He is so cute and entergetic at times. He is a blue, white, and black budgie. Anyways, it's been a couple of days and he will only step up under specific conditions. Like, he will run away from my hand. It's super weird. But when he Really wants out of the cage or he is stuck somewhere, he will gladly hope onto my finger. He also likes to perch on the top of my Chromebook during class. Anyways, how do I make him less afraid of my hand? 😅 Also, how do I bond with him? He is from PetSmart, and wasn't handled very often. I want him to recognise me as his owner. Can someone give me some tips?😬
  23. Hi im new here i beleive i nay have an odd budgie 😂 okay well ive had him a couple of mnths, hes 8 mnths old, from a flock off a breeder, he settled in rather quick and its content.. But thats not the issue! okay hes escaped the cage once and had to catch with a towel, hes been on my finger twice by accident, he hates hands, will eat millet stick because its a distance and took ages to get him to, but the second my finger goes near him hes off. I hold my hand in constantly hes not botherd, ill fumble and rearange his toys hes not botherd, he also dont even play with anything, he climbs about, has a mirror which he will socialise with but no interest in a human. Hes always been that way. It breaks my heart because im so persistant and been at it for ages, and hes just not interested to bond or play I was told he was semi tame and realise it was a lie, he hates hands. I offerd some peices of orange but nahh hands too close, its millet or nothing with this one.. Makes me sad he just shows nothing and plays with nothing just sits there babbling and climbing..
  24. Hi guys my male budgie has recently started to develop some red marks around his cere (top of beak). And has dry feet. He is eating, but isnt as active as he usually is. Is my budgie sick? What can i do? Please help, any help and/or advice will be appreciated.
  25. Hi guys, I'm really keen to buy a budgie that I can tame and teach it to talk, but don't know which sex is the best for it. I've read that males are much more easy to tame as well as not being as aggressive. I also seen that some people have bad experiences with males and aren't good to tame as they don't speak etc. So are female budgies or male budgies better, and which sex is the best to get overall. Hope you guys can help me out Many thanks
  26. The round, black seed is rape or canola seed. I buy mine in bulk and treat it myself. It needs to be boiled for 10 minutes then dried or is poisonous to your bird. My birds love it as if they are kids that get ice cream for the first time.
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