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  1. I am very excited and so happy that Sheila and Sherbert are doing such a great job looking after the babies. I also got 4 babies in another nest (mum is creamino and dad a green spangle/albino - two of the chicks have red eyes as well). Kazzy, I had a look at your fabulous aviary....it looks fantastic! Do you breed for show or just pet types? I'm moving away from pet types and breeding more show types these days..... well trying
  2. Thanks guys. I do love it too. Taboo, it can hold about 100 to 150 birds. They have plenty of room to fly and do love it too. I feel we did go back in time Maddy! We searched many places to get recycled materials. We found the old toilet door and porch flooring at a demolish of a house, and the roofing iron and weather boards was from an old farm house. I think it took more time actually getting the recycled materials than actually putting it up! Heres another photo. View from the house:
  3. Thanks Kaz, its working really great. I have done some upgrades: Enclosed a small part of the veranda for breeding cages, concreted the floor, and put a small garden along the front. Of course since joining the local budgie club, I have expanded my flock quite quickly and found that the room that I have could run out very quickly. However, I am determined for this not to happen as I love my aviary and its appeal and don't want it to begin to look like a very big mess of sheds added together. Staying to a strict managable sized flock also keeps only the best birds in my aviary to work with. I h
  4. The yellow faces are gorgeous
  5. Wow! What a box full of babies you have! I also breed lacewings and albinos. Yep. I agree. You definitely have a lacewing there on the left. It will be a hen too! Can't wait to see photos of them feathering.
  6. Gorgeous photos! :mallet: What camera was it taken with? Such a great moment captured!
  7. Hi, I currently have GenericBlue's sky fallow cock in my aviary at the moment. I am hoping he will like one of my hens for breeding after winter. He is lovely GB!!!!
  8. Sunshine, out of all the green series, I think the grey green bird is the prettiest. Especially cinnamon pied grey greens..... lovely outcome.
  9. I've noticed that mine seem to sleep hanging onto the aviary wire on mild nights, but as the weather is getting colder, they are now sleeping on perches where it is warmer.
  10. Welcome Robyn. Reading your thread reminded me of myself about 2 years ago. I too started out with a similar sized aviary with 4 budgies.... since then I now have about 40 birds, my husband has built me a fantastic cottage style aviary and I am going to my first budgie club meeting in a few weeks. Have fun here!
  11. Last year I used cheap tarps to protect my aviary They are great budget water protection (you can get them for about $2 each), however they don't let any precious winter sun or light into the aviary. So I made some of my own plastic blinds today, instead of purchasing a blind which is quite expensive. I went to Clark Rubber and found some PVC which is generally used for table cloths. It comes in different thicknesses and I found that .3mm was probably sufficent. It's not rated for outside used because over the years it will break down. But I will be removing it in the Spring anyway. You ca
  12. Loooooove your pied babies Very pretty!
  13. I must say that Nibbler is cute but this guy above has the gorgeous head "fluff" in this photo. So cute
  14. He is a Greywing. I thought he was a grey greywing, but he might be a sky greywing. I'll find out when I bred him. He is an 08 rung bird so I am waiting till after winter to be sure that he is old enough then.