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  1. Oh Kaz, I am sorry to hear this has time flown that fast I just remember when she was having her litter. She lived a long beautiful life. xxxx
  2. Yes a cover gives them security at night so they don't see lights, shadows and have a night fright which they could injure themselves. Using a a couple sheets is what I do but don't use anything that if they crawl on the side of their cage their nails can snag in like some blankets or towels.
  3. Is there any reddening of his foot, any swollen parts? It could be arthritis. Call your avian vet and see if he can be seen and be given anything for pain if it is arthritis or a disorder.
  4. Are you just looking for a baby or would you like an older bird? Maybe you can find some rescued birds that need to be rehomed too that are already tame. Either way I would follow the advice that I gave above and then read up on taming your budgie we have an article in the FAQ to read along with doing searches here on the site too .
  5. It really depends on the bird. It is easier to hand tame a bird that hasn't been tamed if you have a lot of patience and you don't get another bird. It took me 9 months to really gain Pretty's trust but some birds are longer and some are shorter. Some never tame it all depends. You will have to come to terms with that if they don't tame down. It also depends what you mean by tame. Some people are perfectly happy if their bird runs up to the side of the cage and gives them kisses only others want their bird to cuddle on their shoulder with them what is your definition of tame? If I was to get a bird that was not tamed I would sit and observe the birds and look for the one that comes to me when I click to it, looks at me and doesn't run, if I put my face next to the cage which one is not scared but curious, if I put my hand next to the cage what are the reaction. I also had to get him clipped at least once so I could let him out of the cage without him harming himself. If I had the time and would do it again I would work on clicker training my bird it helps trains them so much quicker, I have clicker trained my dogs but haven't had the time to do it with Merlin.
  6. That is so cool, I love when they start talking and trying to figure out words.
  7. Budgies are birds they are not cats or dogs so they particuarlly do not like to be held there is always an expection. I wouldn't hold your bird I would spend time bonding with your bird by letting him do the things he likes like coming out with you while you are on the computer and exploring your desk, sitting on your shoulder and preening your hair, talking to him when he is in and out of his cage. There is a great FAQ article called Taming My Budgie you may want to check out and read over . Sound like you have a sweetie of a bird.
  8. I would continue to work with the confident one and ignore the shy one becuase it will help the shy one feel more confident when you talk to him or try to interact it will make him shier and the other one may follow suit. You may find that he will always be shy and that is okay. There is a great article in the FAQ about training and Birdluv had started a journal on how she trained her 2 birds.
  9. Birds are wild and not domesticated (we think they are because they are brought into our home) so what you are describing is very normal of budgies that have not been handled at a very young age and continued to be handled. There is a very good article in the FAQ called Taming Your Budgie along with doing a search of the forum and you will find some great ideas and ways members have tamed their budgies. Remember our hands are as big as them so it is very scary if they don't have any positive experiences with them.
  10. What is the name of the medicine? You can google the name of the medicine and read about it too. If in doubt all another avian for a second opinion. I don't think he would give you something that would harm your budge.
  11. cute bird do chat to each other in different ways that is cute
  12. There are good articles in the FAQ section about Taming your Budgie and about Wing Clipping. Every home and situation is different and you have to look at the factors when you decide to clip their wings. I agree always have an expert clip their wings unless you know how because one wrong clip and your bird can bleed to death and it is very hard to stop a bleeding wing or if you damage the wing.
  13. If you have never clipped wings then I would suggest having a vet or a pet shop that sells birds and knows how to clip them and show you. There is a good article in the FAQ about clipping wings if you should or shouldn't. I believe it is based on each individual budgie I both my birds were clipped 1x and then after that they have been flighted. For some clipped wings is safer for their birds. It is nice to see a bird fly but it is better to have them safe so it depends on your home and your situation.
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