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  1. hi there. i am after a couple of cobalt or mauve or violet clearwings - show type. does not have to be breeding pair. i am in melbourne but willing to pay for shipping from interstate.
  2. Thank you. A great start into the new year! Just came back from my holiday and saw the good news. Happy New Year To All Of You!
  3. I would have loved to come and meet some of you guys at the auction, but I had to study . I really love the Chidel hen you bought Jeff. Lovely bird and I can't wait to see photos of your purchases KAZ.
  4. yes, photos would be good. if you've got the cage inside the house and the cockatiels have a couple of hours flying time in your room then it is a bit different as they can exercise ther wings etc., but still imagine they will have 3-6 babies....then the cage is definetely too small for the whole young family.
  5. please let us know the dimensions of the cage. i think i've got the same cage here that i use as a kindie cage for my budgies...75cm long, 45cm high and 45cm wide. it is bigger than the average budgie breeding cage BUT it is too SMALL for cockatiels. a cockatiel breeding cage should be at least 120cm long, 70cm high and 70cm wide. that is the minimum size and i would say the bigger the better. the perches should have a diameter of 2-3cm.
  6. This cage looks too small for cockatiels to breed in. It is okay for budgies, but not cockatiels. They need some room to fly and the perches are too small.
  7. Thankyou Catherine.........its good info to absorb and work through. Hi Kaz, It might be a tumor inside his tummy (eg. kidneys, liver). I had a budgie with similar symptoms, but it started in only one leg. The tumor put pressure on the leg nerves and paralysed him :-(....but I hope it is not a tumor but an infection like nubbly said.
  8. yes, i will take some photos on saturday for you. i want summer back...too dark too early too cold out there.
  9. better do it soon then :what: well done gb. that's great. I've only got an older photo, but can take a new one on the weekend. Here the old one of Sherbert:
  10. the dad has a great face and head....nice mask and spots. i am happy to swap sherbert for the yf violet sky blue baby. will you visit your sister anytime soon?
  11. It looks great Splat! Well done!
  12. thanks, gb. is it this one? he is lovely! i will take a photo of flannagan/wood cock for you, but maybe i will wait a bit as he is moulting lots and is not that handsome at the moment.
  13. Yep, if you don't like the mutation you are breeding, then there is no fun in it and you most likely lose interest. I will see how I go and I will probably read this in 12 months time and have completely different mutations in my aviary and lots of grey greens. I didn't like show types 12 months ago and now my aviary is full of them. I didn't like greys 6 months ago and now I have plenty in my aviary. ...but i did have a likeing for creaminos 2 years ago. One more quick question: A YF Dominant Pied (class 19), would you show him in the Dominant Pied Class because number is higher than YF class 13?(or do you show him in the NSV/AOV class?) gb, that would be great.
  14. thanks gb. i know :what: violets at auctions are too expensive. that's why i stayed away. and some will pop up in my nestbox or i have to do this to splat so she will sell me one of hers one day. hey gb, but you were lucky you didn't have to stand in line and wait to pay and pick up your bird. i hate this bit of the auctions .
  15. Thank you nubbly. This information helps a lot. I want to breed YF Normals + Opalines. Most of my YF birds are YF Mutation 2 I think. I also want to breed Creaminos because they are my favourite mutation. They probably won't have a chance on the show bench :-(, but I will try. After all you should breed the mutations you like best and I will also breed Albinos.
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