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    Horses, I want one! Budgies, always had them, for as long as i remember. People, always wanted to be a physchologist, still a work in progress. Teddy Bears, i collect them. Doctor Who, BEST SHOW EVER! :P
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  1. I have heard stories of them getting along.. So apparently it can work.. But I wouldn't risk it. Tame Lovebirds are happy to be kept on their own, as long as they get plenty of attention for their owners
  2. Going to see my babies tomorrow and change their perches/branches around :D I have a few new toys and a whole heap of veggies for them too :)

  3. Just reading through my old posts and thought I would update this one. The "crustiness" cleared up and I clipped the boys nails myself, but took the girl to the vet to get hers done (because she is scary and goes crazy when you touch her ) Their nails have been fine since I never did work out what was going on with Cloud's face :/ It cleared up after a couple of days so I just left it and he has been fine..
  4. About a year ago I got 2 lovebirds! Until recently I had no idea if they were male or female or one of each, so I held off naming them.. But I've become good friends with a local breeder and she came around one day and is sure they are a male and female (YAY!) I have named them River (girl) and Smith (boy - the bright one) and their cage I am currently waiting on a few toys from ebay to fill up the gaps and for when I change everything around. I never thought I would own lovebirds! But they are great pets, mostly Smith is happy to sit on my finger or shoulder, but won't let me actually touch him and River gives me kisses through the bars but won't come near me when she is out of the cage lol I am getting them a breeding box this year and I am hoping they will have babies
  5. sunshine*

    I'm Back

    Hi Guys I haven't been on here in ages! I don't currently have any Budgies, when we moved house, my hubby ran over my cage (luckily the birds weren't in it!!) and so they are at mums in her aviary until I can get a replacement. I do have my 2 lovebirds though (I will get photos in the morning ), their cage survived the move I've actually come back because I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the Australian Birdkeeper Magazine (http://www.birdkeeper.com.au/)? There is an article about Lovebird's that a few people I know are wanting too read. I went to go buy a copy today, but the shop had ran out :/
  6. They have gumtree branches in their cages. I miraculously measures, the boy who's nails are really bad this morning, they are 4cm long and growing straight down and are sort of curling :/ One of the girls, her nails are growing around and back up nearly into her foot, so I am going to do hers aswell, to prevent anything serious. The rest seem to be fine though. As far as crustiness goes, they are looking better today! Although cloud has some sort of staining around his beak and on top of his cere :/ It looks like blood, but now of the feathers are damaged and he isn't moulting as far as I can tell.. I'll get a photo..
  7. They seem to have sorted themselves out! I moved the perches so there is more room between them. I'm ot sure what size the cage is... but i've separated the 7 between 2 cages that are the same size. I'll measure them in the morning.
  8. Cloud Napoleon Boof Queenie Princess Agro (top), Napoleon (Middle), Rocky<3 (bottom
  9. of course.. they already have 6 perches! lol
  10. I have 2 hen's that are ALWAYS bickering! Its usually between just the 2 of them, but occasionally they will pick on my older boy... I am putting them in seperate cages in a minute, but does anyone have any idea what their problem(s) could be? Obviously some birds just don't get along, but I and so scared they are gonna kill each other or another bird!
  11. First of all, I'm Back! But the real issue is... Last night I got my budgies back after they had been in mums aviary for 2ish years. My first problem with them is a few of them have sort of crusting on their cere and beak... I have treated them with Ivomec Pour-On for Cattle and was just wondering if there was anything else i could do for them? secondly, one of the boys has seriously over grown nails and was wondering if anyone had any tips on cutting them? or would it be easier to take him to the vet? A few of the others nails are long too, but no where near as bad as his . I did get some photos before, i'm just waiting for photobucket to upload them..
  12. Does Omelette ever stop!? lol Her babies are gorgeous as always. Can't wait to see the bubs from these two! They're going to be stunning! You must be so proud Kaz
  13. I have pretty much everything sorted with breeders and wholesaler now. And like GB said, buying one that is already up and running is a definate part of my plan at the moment. There are two that I know of that are up for sale. Dean, I'm starting Cert. 2 in Animal studies in February and after that I am doing Diploma of Vet. Nursing. My husband is currently doing a business management course.
  14. So this plan has only really been a plan for about a week.. So it is nowhere near happening at the moment.. I decided I wnated to do this because the last pet shop in my area is up so sale and in the actual town I live in at the moment there isn't and never has been one.. My main problem has been that I haven't been able to find wholesalers. I've been able to get in contact with all kinds of pet breeders, But finding anything else is proving rather difficult.. I also need atleast 1 aviary and 2 guinea pig hutches like this one I have done so much maths today.. I think my brain is going to explode..
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