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    Hi, Well after a few years of breeding buds. We have decided to move house so thought I'd update my profile. I have sold my birds cages etc for now as the new house is unknown at this time so it will take time to set up another aviary. In the meantime I will just have to catch up on everyone on here until then. Good luck for next breeding season guys hope I'll be back breeding buds soon.
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  1. Hi, noticed you have had no replies to your post, I haven't been on here for about 18mths. as I had to sell all my birds etc etc. long story.to be honest I was shocked to see how this site has gone downhill. As to your query if your bird is still ill/ alive , go to F.A Q. at top of site g to HEALTH type in budge throwing up and you should get some info from that. Could be sour crop or more serious problem. Isolate your sick bird, put it under a heat source, table lamp etc. If it's eating and drinking you may save it but until you find out the cause it's a bit hard to help.,
  2. Hi all, I have not been on here for 18mths or so due to moving, selling birds etc.I have 8 birds now, 1 causing a problem. I noticed he was scratching and had a bloody ear, thought he may have caught it on something. A few days later noticed he had a yellow crusty looking substance around his ear, cleaned it off as well as I could, used cotton bud and rubbed in some antibiotic ointment. Thought it had worked but his ear has again this yellow crust. Can anyone suggest what it may be and treatment? He has been treated with Ivomectin about a month ago. Does not have any scale on feet cere etc. ??
  3. Nice group of birds Laura, just thought last picture Cock looks like he could have a bit of scale on his beak. May be just the picture but worth checking in case. cheers
  4. Hi Jimmy, glad your about to see your first pinkies. Just a thought, if your've got show bird size birds, maybe you could try rings before day 6 as chicks could be bigger size and ring might be too hard to get on, as long as it stays on past the foot it should be okay if it comes off you can try again in a couple of days. Good luck
  5. It's a wonder the vet didn't give you the right spray for this. There are sprays available in pet stores but vet. supply would be better. If it is mites when you get the spray, place bird in temp cage remove all perch's etc from cage clean everything including wire cage then spray the whole lot. When dry spray your bird as directed then put him back into clean cage. The mites are so tiny they hide in every little crevice they can find, I think they mostly feed off the birds blood at night, thus the itchy behaviour.
  6. This just sounds like mating behaviour, he's trying to feed his "mate" (read toy) or you. Look out for your mirrors as well as he may decide he likes that bird better l.o.l.
  7. Beautiful healthy looking chicks Nick, it will be great to see them fully feathered which won't be long now.
  8. Fingers crossed you get some pieds. I also had a hen die like that, got stuck in between the wire and a small board it was raining constantly and by the time I saw her it was too late. she used to breed the most beautiful green and gold chicks, haven't managed to get the same strength of colour since. Maybe when I get back into it I may be lucky.
  9. How are your young chicks going did they all fledge fly etc? I've had a clutch on 9 at one stage so it's fairly normal to have big clutch's, depends if all your eggs are fertile. Sometimes you can get d.i.s. I think maybe the eggs dehydrate or something if there are lots of younger chicks in nest. Good luck with them, your numbers are increasing rapidly l.o.l.
  10. Well done. Fingers crossed you get your pied's. As oldest chick get to about 2 weeks I take out all bedding and add an inch or so of just seed and keep topping that up. The chicks learn to crack seed for themselves, should give Mum a break as well in your case.
  11. If you go to 'BUDGIE PICTURES 'on here at the top there is a pinned article that tells you how to upload pics. hope this helps.
  12. Hi,by now with no replies you have probably worked something out. I would not add new partner in this case Mum could rare the chicks as long as she had easy access to seed veg's etc. sometimes a new partner may work but she or he may abandon eggs chicks etc or worse kill them. What was your solution? Did other eggs hatch/live etc or did you try the other Cock bird ? If so did that work. Hope you had a good outcome either way.
  13. Sounds promising now, just keep an eye on chicks to see they are all eating, the older ones may attempt to feed the younger ones also. Good luck with next clutch as well.
  14. If your chicks are 7-8-weeks old they should have fledged by now. If you want a second round,remove the chicks from nest box to the floor of cage, put container of seed on floor with chicks. They should be cracking seed for themselves by now, Dad will still feed them on the floor but by removing them from nest box Mum can lay her next clutch without being harassed by older chicks.. If she still comes out to attack chicks remove them to a kindy cage.You will have to watch to see they are feeding by themselves. It's a good idea to remove bedding from nestbox and add just seed on floor of box with chicks N.B. WHEN OLDEST CHICK OF CLUTCH IS AROUND 2 WEEK OLD. This means chicks can learn to crack seed before they fledge, at around 4 week of age. Just to add, if you let her have a second round, just keep an eye on mum as chicks get to be nearing fledging stage in case she tries the same thing again. She may be okay but better safe than sorry. I'd remove nest box as soon as next round fledge to stop 3rd round.
  15. robyn


    Welcome, lots to learn on here. You can add pics of your birds under budgie pictures section if you like.
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