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  1. Thanks guys. His cage mate Lemon is fine and not showing any signs of illness we went to the vet and he tested her for just about everything under the sun and outside of being 95% blind she is in perfect health and a great weight. Blue was only 2 years old if I could have gotten his body into the vet then I would have but in my non thinking mode I put his body in the freezer so the vet said that it would be pointless bringing him down. i buried him next to harley his old cage mate.
  2. I understand not having the money and also that some people see Budgies as cheap items. If your parent will not help you then I suggest not getting anymore and trying your best to keep the remaining healthy for now. So some tips would be to show us some pictures of your set up, maybe we can see something that is causing the issue that you can't. Is the food getting wet? I lost half my flock once due to this. Where are the birds kept, what are you feeding them, how is their water kept. Are you giving them anything else such as multi vits in the water or any other extras. I would keep everyone seperate and also clean everything. If you can get your hands on some F10 then that is great if not then try warm water and vinger as a start, clean clean clean clean and then clean again to be on the safe side. Check what the perches and toys are made out of and if unsure again post pictures as we might be able to help.
  3. I have to agree with Kaz on this one. Take time and work out what is wrong with your existing flock. You say you that the sick one under control to me that means you have taken it to the vet and gotten a treatment plan? If not what do you mean by under control? I had one Budgie pass on me and his cage mate has just been to the vet to make sure she is also not going to pass. They can hide illness well so you might think they are getting better but they are not. Do not introduce any new birds until you know yours are clean otherwise you will just keep reinfecting the flock and be doing this all over again.
  4. Something must be going on. Pictures of your set up would be great. Things I think of off the top of my head is are you sure there are no mice or rats getting into the avairy and eating any eggs that get laid? Are there more nest boxes then pairs, there needs to be more otherwise fights will break out over the nest boxes. You sure you have males and females? May sound stupid but I know someone who had one male and 5 females and the male had no intrest in any of the hens so it was a bust. You say you have had your avairy for many years but just got new birds, are all the birds new or only some? If they are all new how old are they and how long has you been waiting for them to breed? if they are all new and young you may a a few months wait on your hands. Also where are you? It might be to cold for them at the moment being the middle of winter and then come spring they will get with the program. Also what are your nest boxes like? if they are two big or to small this can deter Budgie from using them. So more info is needed, pictures of your set up and of your Budgie would also be good. I am sure someone will be able to help you and get you on the right track.
  5. Also the green staining on the ground would worry me. I would get to a vet and ask them to do a smear smaple. When you take them in make sure the base of the cage is lined with newspaper. I hope the otherones pull through
  6. He passed curled up on my chest a 3am in the morning. His cage mate who is showing no signs of illness is going into the vets tomorrow. I hate it when you lose a bird with not explinations.
  7. I have not been posting have come on and read a bit. Blue was one of my original budgies that i had. I have the vets number and will call at 9am if he is still okay, have him in a hot box he has stopped vomiting and almost seems back to himself but I think that he can be in there for the night.
  8. He has been a bit rag tag the last few days but I figured he was just in the middle of a molt. Then tonight he had his greens like normal and now he is vomiting and sitting on the bottom perch all fluffed up. he is also struggling to breath I think. i am going to have to take him to the vets first thing if I can but for now I have put him on heat and going to have to wait it out there is nothing else i can think of doing. I just feel like I have no luck with birds!
  9. - Stray galah found on chelsea heights motorway about a km from Springvale Rd. Not very friendly, but we still think she's a pet because she came up to the guy who handed her in, and she's not very freaked out by being in a cage or picked up in a towel. She had subcutaneous emphysaema when she was found, and has had a week of antibiotics. - Stray white ringneck dove found somewhere near Springvale. - Two stray cockatiels, not really sure of the colour, is dilute silver a colour? Found in different areas on same day but look very similar, so could be from same or different owners. One has a fractured humerus. So we'll bandage the broken wing to the body and hope it heals and give him some painkillers. If you think the birds are yours or you would be intrested in adopting them please let me know.
  10. I found my parrots both big and small liked the Dr Macs over the other brands
  11. I wish someone had told me all the issues that you face. I think i still would have done it but now looking back i might have started slower. I sort of thought "really how hard could it be" so I invested a large amount of time and money into it and then it was just heart breaking, to heart breaking and now I am getting out of it for a while. I think you do need to tell them, I was very much "that will never happen to me" and then when it does you are not prepared for it. I say try and talk them out of it and if they still want to go ahead then help them as much as you can
  12. The last few days he has been off his veggies and i could not keep the seed up to him fast enough, no other signs of illness just hungry and then yesterday night I found him dead. He was 11 years old and I have been through so much with him that it was a shock, I really thought that he would just keep ticking over nothing seemed to get him. Fly free my little grumpy man
  13. Thanks guys. The vet let me hold him as he passed away and he told me he loved me for the last time. I have burried him in the back yard and placed a round paver stone ontop of him and will paint his name on it when it not raining so much. I had him a little under a year and he taught me so much about birds and what true love is like. he was my grumpy little man and as much as it hurts right now I would not go back and change a thing.
  14. I am sorry I never got to see you in full colour, I am sorry that you where only with me for such a short time and that your life was ended by PBFD Fly free my grumpy man I love you, you are my baby and my life. There will never be another of you. Please forgive me I did try
  15. Hey, great advice given above, you mentioned that his wings are clippedif that is the case then for the first bit then that cage will be fine with the perches fine as they are. However agree later down the track I would change the perches or maybe look at getting a bigger cage if he is going to spend large amounts of time in the cage.
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