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  1. gday, finally after 3 years i have eggs:) i just have to wait now cam
  2. thanks guys. i have made a breeding cabnet. i have had them in there for 3 days i have put the box on straight away is that right? and they seem to be more intersented in escaping haha is that normal? cam
  3. okay well if i have a good couple. i put them in the cage and ? im not really sure how this work could you please say how it works eg what you do. thankyou verymuch, cameron
  4. the mesh is around it because of cats that have recently got a few of my birds.i am colony breeding because im 15yrs old and dont have the time and money to individualy take every pair out so they can mate. and ive had birds breed before like this back at my old townthe birds might be hunched because it is 6 degrees at the moment the food is seed and grit and silverbeat ocasionalythe floor is concrete slab i made. with quaillthankscamand the seeder hangs from the roofcam
  5. thanks everyone. my boxes are ones i made and are exact copys of budgie boxes in shopshere is the photo bucket code. http://i572.photobucket.com/albums/ss165/t...oe/100_0642.jpg cam and heres some of a few of my birds cam http://i572.photobucket.com/albums/ss165/t...oe/100_0641.jpg
  6. hi all. i have had my aviary for many years now i have got new birds male and females, put more boxes in. i am colony breeding as i dont have the time and money to individually do it and im just after breeding for enjoyment not for colours. i cant get them to breed. ive seen 2 birds mating but nothing happened all the birds seem to be paired up and kissing one and other but i dont know whats wrong. i feed them with silverbeat and celery 3-4 times a week too any help would be greatly apreciated cam
  7. http://i572.photobucket.com/albums/ss165/t...on/100_0527.jpg thanks guys here is a picc it said on the label its a bird feeder cam
  8. hi all havent been on here for a while, ive got a seeder that spins that is green on the bottom and has little prongs poking out where the seed is , its like a spot for each bird to eat, my question is it always gets seed on 1 side and none on the other and there is always no new seed coming thru the top, i have tried lossiong it off and all but i dont know whats wrong, is there something im doing wrong? thanks in advance cameron
  9. sorry what does quarrintine mean? cameron
  10. hi all when i bought my aviary a couple of years ago i got 4 budgies in there and there was no mating i got 2 males later as there were 3to1 females previously these males apperead more interested with each other and they still didnt mate so i got 3 more a couple of days ago and suddenly 2 of the older birds are kissing and mucking around and another two are doing the same and ive been asked by a lady to take good care of 4 of her budgies as she is moving and im wondering will it most probably make some kind of problems with these couples like less interest as there may be (better looking
  11. thanks everyone for your lovely thoughts cameron
  12. i lost my best friend today turbo i got her when she was in my aviary attacked by her mum in the nesting box so i rescued her when i was 11 she died today because of eggbound i think she was about 3 years old she talked and said pretty boy, sat on my finger and shoulder and tried to eat everything i was eating like icecream apples etc she has helped me through some very bad times in my life and i have loved her all the way RIP turbo you are my best friend love cameron :sad: :sad:
  13. it defenatly works act like it dosent hurt and they will stop .. cameron
  14. turbo used to do that but she has stopped now she also used to sleep in the seed container as well cameron
  15. my budgie opens up her doors with her beak she once got out!! smart little thing hey cam s