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  1. I apologise if I have offended people. It was not my intention. I'm surprised that no one else here has stepped in to remove that comment of hers. As it is downright offensive and as stated in the forum rules, personal attacks are not acceptable.Forum rules for heated topics/discussions And no nothing I have said has been wrong at all. You have just decided it was wrong becuase you don't want to follow the advice I have given you. And that is your choice but it is not fair of you to be so rude and slanderous. I did not write it in a condescending tone, you just chose to read it that
  2. If you dose your birds or any animal, including people, unnecessarily with antibiotics you are at greater risk of creating a resistant superbug which can not be killed by antibiotics anymore. This resistant bug can be caught by you or your family and then you may not be able to treat yourself because the antibiotics will not work on these bugs any more. This is how MRSA(aka superbug) was created in hospitals.
  3. Yes according to an avian veterinary resident I worked with.
  4. You know what. I am considering this being one of my very last posts ever in these budgie forums. Time and time again I have tried to help people only to be told to F off. Every time i come in to these medical forums I see someone bagging vets. It is really disheartening to read. I also find it very offensive that you don't like to recognise that we have had at least 5 years of training and intense studying on medical workings of animals. And all avian vets have to sit a special exam inorder to be registered as an avian vet. Many vets are also involved in special interest branches and all vet
  5. It seems you have interpreted my advice as a personal attack on you. It was not. I was giving advice to help the bird. If I was presented with this bird there would be so many things i would like to do for it and that can only be done with veterinary help. Ideally she should get radiographs and blood tests to determine what's going on. You do not know that. When birds present as sick they often die very soon after presenting. This is because they hide their symptoms as long as they can because they are prey animals. If he died that quickly after the vet clinic visit it is unlikely that fl
  6. okay guys. There is recent inidication that a pelleted diet is not the best thing for budgies. Budgies ONLY. Pellets should be fed to all other parrots, just not budgies. It is thought that the protein level in pellets is too high for budgies and it is recommended that they get lots of fresh fruit and veg,(lots of green leafy veg - like grasses (not brassicas - brassicas are a type of plant like kale and turnip and spinach and have calcium binding properties that remove calcium from the blood stream)) and a huge variety/mix of different seed types. Always offer lots of veg. Try to get them to
  7. My advice is to stop medicating her yourself. She needs to see a vet. These sulfas that I am guessing you are feeding the birds are sulphonamides? These will have very little use as there is huge resistance to them especially when used by themselves. The Oxyb stuff that you are using; is it licensed for use in birds? If not. do not use it. Even then this should only be used in animals under the supervision of a registered veterinarian both legally and responsibly. Do you know the dose rate? Too high a dose can result in toxicities that may worsen your bird's health or worse; kill it. Oxyb soun
  8. Depends by what you mean when he breathes very hard and then has a rest. Obese or unfit birds will pant after physical exercise if they are not used to it. In this case they tend to hold their beaks open and pant. A bird with a respiratory infection can also show these signs. They will have a tail bob, but this will be present all of the time. Check the cere and nostrils to see if they are crusty or have discharge. Panting can be a sign of many things not just respiratory distress, such as heart disease or pain. It is a good idea to take your bird to the vet as soon as you see signs, becaus
  9. It would be a good idea to get the eye checked out by a vet as many things can cause irritation to and around the eye.
  10. It is now called Chlamydophila psittaci. It is a bacteria that can infect all birds. In parrots it is called Psittacosis in other birds it is called ornithosis. It is also a zoonotic disease meaning that humans can get it.
  11. Have any other birds in the aviary shown similar signs? If you can try to save the bodies. It will be useful to get a post mortem examination done on them by a vet. Pictures of your set up and of your birds will help greatly. Your best bet is to consult an avian vet and they will be able to do a post mortem exam on your dead birds. How many birds do you have in the aviary? What types pf birds do you have in the aviary? How big is the aviary? What sort of flooring do you have? Pictures would really help with this. How old are the birds? Have you had these problems before? How far alo
  12. Kaz are there proper concentrations/dilution rates to be found on the forums somewhere? Keep in mind iodine is used as surgical scrub and thus you don't want to overdose your birds. Plus it smells like potatos.
  13. Ivermectin should kill mites. What kind of animals is the Ivomec intended for? When you go pick up your bird (which you've probably done by now) talk to your vet about the ivermectin and they'll give you the right concentration of the stuff for budgies and the dosage rate. I think it would be best to treat him for mites now, even if he is sick as the mites are just going to make him feel more rotten. Ask your vet about this though. Do tell us how he is going
  14. If you do give iodine, this would be to correct any thyroid problems, which I do not see affecting the colour of his cere as the colour of his cere is determined by sexual hormones. If you feel you must give iodine, make sure it is made for birds and make it to the right dosage as given on the container, as iodine (like many minerals) can be dangerous when given over extensively. I would say that this sounds like testicular cancer. And this can only be diagnosed by a vet. Not all testicular cancers result in cere colour change though, it depends what cells in the testes it affects.
  15. I love hearing about how you are getting on, it's cool. I just assisted in my first surgery on the Thursday. It was great! I really enjoyed getting dressed up into my scrubs and gown and face mask and gloves. Aseptic technique for the win! Scrubbing in took me a good 10 minutes at least. Unfortunately we are not allowed to post pictures on the internet, which is sad because I have some awesome pics of me in full attire. The week before that we had to try and attempt a neuro exam on 4 month old puppies. It was very challenging, but highly entertaining, with many faces thoroughly licked. S