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  1. if a bonded pair of budgies have laid infertile eggs, do you have to do anything to break their bond or do you just split them up?
  2. the aviry is still the same but all the breeding equipment was taken down a short time arfter the photos wher taken and there has been no breeding since. this is just a question but could worms have any thing to do with it. ill get photos up in the next day
  3. what i meen is the only remaining budgies were compleatly seperated when the new bird was put in. they have had no contact with the other birds. and im only 16 so i carnt exactly drive over to an avian vet and hand over a wad of money to find out what happend. so how do you think i should get the birds checked
  4. i have got the sick budgie problem under control but i have only have 4 left. dose anyone know a breeder that sells budgie in the sydney region, preferably near parramatta. Regards Joel.
  5. sorry about the spelling a* pet* too*
  6. noa person at a pat shop told me that it might be to cold
  7. there are two birds that have been separated from this and iv been trying to breed them and the other two iv taken out of the aviary and in a different cage
  8. about a week or two befor this started i bourght them just after i wormed the rest
  9. in the past two months there has been 8 of my 12 budgies found dead on the floor days apart with no obvious signs of why thay died exepte for green stains on the floor. any body have a clue?!?
  10. okay then i have a male
  11. i have a question, how can you tell if a recessive female is in breeding condition?