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  1. What is colony breeding? Is it just the opposite of selective breeding?
  2. Hello! Well i bought a new budgie yesterday and i have decided to call him Winston. I was very pleased with the pet shop, they had UV lights for the budgies to recieve vitamen d, the worker seemed to know a lot about budgies and she even offered to clip the budgie for me. He is very, very cheecky and messy, but he is a baby. I hope Louy will like him, because Louy is used to being the centre of attention, but i think he should be alright when i introduce them to each other in twenty eight days now. My camera screen is broken so i actually do not know what the photos look like untill i connect the camera to the computer, and i have two okay photos, but they are quite bad photos but here they are: http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w249/Ph...om/P1030693.jpg http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w249/Ph...om/P1030687.jpg
  3. That is baby budgies for your information. I know there is no actual budgie breeding season but it seems to me that sometimes of the year there are always a few 'Budgie's for Sale' notices and then other times there are none. If there is an actual time when there should be more baby budgie's for sale wether in a pet shop or in a breeders, could your please tell me when. Your help would be much apreciated.
  4. awwww! That must be one of the cutest budgie photos i have ever seen! Wow it's so cute! A budgie in a tea cup!
  5. Great pictures! I really like how your white and your yellow budgies has different colours on their bottom side of their body! Really interesting.
  6. The photos look so prity with the rainbow streams! The budgie at the very top right on the first photo looks amazing! Could you please tell me what type of budgie it is?
  7. Wow what nice birds! I really like the white and yellow budgie and the last budgie, i have not seen budgies like that before. They have really nice colours.
  8. I really like the pictures. They have such a nice yellow colour. I really like how you have a branch with a hollow for them, it's very natural.
  9. Wow you must have a whole circus of animals! Nice cute pictures you have there.
  10. okay i think i will put them on next time. I will get more coments then lol
  11. awwww I love shoots of the budgies grooming each other.
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