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  1. Hi, I have a few pairs of budgies in breeding cages at the moment and would like some advice on one of the pairs. The hen laid 2 eggs in her food bowl, I put them both into the nest box after they were laid, today she threw out and broke those eggs (I think 1 of the eggs was partially eaten as well) and laid her third egg in the nestbox. Do I need to be worried about that egg and any future eggs or was it just that she didn't recognise those eggs as her own and was cleaning out the nestbox for "her" egg?
  2. Her body colour is definitely brighter compared to my other greywings and she hasn't had her first moult yet and they usually get brighter after that don't they. So does that make full body colour greywing most likely?
  3. Hi everyone, I got some new budgies recently and I'm not sure on the mutation with this one. I was thinking maybe dilute? I have a couple of greywings and she doesn't really look the same to me but I don't know. Thanks. She's the one on the left.
  4. It's normal for an opaline spangle. If you look in http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index.php?showtopic=9578 if I've done it right it should be Member's Spangle Budgies and you can see in there some normal spangles and in Zebra's post there are a couple of opaline spangles you could compare.
  5. They're very pretty birds. I could be wrong but I think you have 2 light green opaline spangles, 3 light green normals, 1 light green cinnamon and a YF type1 skyblue opaline.
  6. Elsa

    More Pictures

    Thanks Ghazzigh. I would love to see your Texas and crested fledglings and your new budgies if you've got some photos of them. Sorry to hear about the baby you lost.
  7. Thanks everyone. Ghazzigh, did you see the other budgies from you in my post called "More Pictures." They're all doing great, they're lovely birds.
  8. Hi, I've always thought that this budgie Dom is a dominant pied, but I've confused myself reading about clearflight pieds and combination pieds. So I thought I'd check with all of you. She's moulting at the moment you can see one black tail feather coming through. This photo is one of my budgies I know is a recessive pied I'm just putting her beak for comparison because they are the same orange colour.
  9. Yes the white down does mean that, so you should have a little girl.
  10. That's really interesting, I'd never heard of combination pieds. I was wondering about dark eyed clears though, do they come from a recessive pied and a dominant pied as well or are they something completely different?
  11. Your birds look lovely. Banshee's a great name for a lorikeet, I think lorikeets are beautiful but they can be a bit hard on your ears. Are your cockateils mostly boys?
  12. Elsa

    More Pictures

    Thanks guys. The turquoisines get on well with the budgies, there are two in there, but only one in these pics. I have heard they can be aggressive but I think it depends on the individual birds because I've never had any real issues with them. I have a topic in the Off Topic Chatter section called "My Other Birds" where I talk a bit more about that and there's some photos of them if you want to look at that.
  13. I just wanted to tell you not to worry, it's not just you that worries about mysterious colour changing budgies. When I had my first budgie I freaked out after coming home and finding him covered in "blood." I'd forgotton I'd given him a raspberry before I went out. Another time I thought one of the budgies had some sort of weird beak infection, but it turned out to be silverbeet. Some of these things seem so obvious once you know what's going on, but sometimes it takes a little while to get used to looking after a new type of animal.
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