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  1. Hi! I am purchasing some of these for my rabbits, wondering if they would work for budgies? Would they help keep the aviary temperature down? Thanks in advance Bird_Paradise HAPPY NEW YEAR!! <H5 align=center>Cool block</H5> A great way to keep you bunny cool in summer, this big flat cool block is perfect for them to lay on 32cm x 26cm x 3cm
  2. I have 1 suggestion, and that is to have a covered roof because other wise you will get wild birds pooping in your aviary and infecting your birds. What do others think?
  3. Just got some pics of some of my aviary birds. Only got a photo of a couple of them, mostly the new ones I bought off Bird Haven the other day. New guys - Light green spangle opaline? Cock Grey green spangle hen Not new - Joker - Boof Boof and Joker Cookie Cookie and Sherbert - these 2 are in love New lutino cockatiel also from Bird Haven - he has cinnamon on his wings..... Do any of these budgies have any good traits in the show world? I am new to having show budgies, and not really sure what's good or not? Thanks heaps!
  4. Wow Chrysocome is that a cockatiel galah cross?
  5. Yesss yummy! :hooray: Have you ever ridden a motorbike?
  6. I am not sure about Scarlet Chested Parrots, but I keep cockatiels with my budgies and also 1 rainbow lorikeet and they are all happy and never fight. My friend keeps doves and princess parrots and kakarikis and cockatiels with her budgies. Bye
  7. I know I know can I say? Lol we're like the only 2 people playing this game BH!
  8. Thanks Finnie!!! Yes, I think they might all be hens too, but will wait and see
  9. Here's some new photos! Just for easy telling apart, I will call the oldest one Prickles, the 2nd youngest Punk and the youngest one Tips. Prickles is 3 weeks old today, the others are 2 days and 4 days younger. Punk might keep his/her name, but the others will be changed. Just on the moment names for identification. I rung them all today, very proud I did a good job didn't pinch them or anything. :ohmygod: Prickles Punk Tips Group shots Any mutation and sex ideas welcome please! Thanks :camera:
  10. Yes!! Have you ever done a horse endurance ride?
  11. I know! 2 blondes trying to burn it down What's the difference between a leprecaun and a smart blonde?
  12. Damn wish i'd read this before yesterday! I found a dead newborn in my budgie nest and I thought it was dead, not moving empty crop etc and buried him.
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