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  1. hey, a while back my nanna was telling me she used to give her birds mealworms. can u give budgies mealworms ?
  2. fero


    ive been cheeking them twice a day now and sometimes even more then twice and ive realized the mother is still plucking them so i move her into another cage. is this what i should do?
  3. fero


    thx guys on the advice, and straight after the picture i cleaned all the poop of them, the reason for it being like that is cause i dont like to handle the chicks much cause i had a hen that rejected her chicks for some reason, and i would have put the chicks with another hen but ive only got 4 budgies and the chicks have all cleared up now, i sprayed the nest with lice and mite spay
  4. fero


    hey i have two 3 week old chicks and i have noticed that their wings are red. The red is almost like a dried up blood, and i have noticed the mother has blood on her. Is that from her attacking then or trying to clean them.
  5. yeah i know about the red eyes being a lutino but no she has black eyes
  6. i only have six birds and next time ill post the pics better, sorry
  7. this is my new flock i have now i had abut a year brake because i had a very naughty puppy that dug into my aviary and let the birds out can u please tell me what sex this one is ? if u could tell the the mutations i would be very thankful
  8. http://i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l597/fero-eldering/f8f24896.jpg i was thinking a df spangle hen?
  9. okay thanks, sorry i couldn't get the back of his head
  10. the other on i pretty sure its a df spangle?
  11. i just got a baby budgie and he is full blue yellow face but he has a yellow patch on the back of his head but he hasn't got any other yellow on his body. is he still a pied? ill post pics when my IPod is charged
  12. heres a pick off my rotti pup at about 10weeks he is now abot 15months
  13. yeah she was playing around with the paper in there, but like a month later she got out and flew away with her little sis
  14. one to the left but he's spangle
  15. Ruben the 13 month old rottie Junior the 6 month old staffy cross Milo ally (cockateil) and budgie (name suggestions?) and the baby mice
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