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  1. Hi all, It has been a while since I have been on the forum. My little one keeps me very occupied. Caitlin is now 18 months old. I thought I'd share a video of her watching 21 Jump St. She jumps during the chorus when" jump" is sung
  2. I dont think it would of been from a fight. He lives with 2 other budgies and they dont fight rough.
  3. Hi all I had made a previous post when I noticed Balki had some black on his beak and was told it is nothing to worry about but just today I noticed that he looks like he's bleeding above the cere and there is something on the side of the beak. I have a picture below. Im not sure if it could be mites. I used a lice spray on him in case it is. Im hoping its nothing serious. Does anyone know what it could be and would I can do?
  4. Hi there,I was thinking it may have been the newspaper although Ive never seen Balki chew on it before but it might be a new habit he now has and I havent noticed. I dont know if it comes off. Balki does not like to be touched and bites very hard. Thanks, that's a relief
  5. Photos please! Hi there, Just took a few pics.
  6. Hi there I noticed in the past few days that my pet budgie Balki has got some black on his beak. He is about 1.5 years old. Just wanted some advice or if anyone knows what this could be from. He seems healthy and is his normal self. Could there be a possible health problem?
  7. Hi there, I live in the St George area as well and there isn't an avian vet in the area unfortunately. The avian vet that I have been to is in Waterloo and they are very good. The link below has their details: http://maps.google.com.au/maps?oe=utf-8&am...502639834649297
  8. Hi all My 3 month old seems to enjoy our 3 pet budgies. She loves watching them. George is least afraid of her compared to my other 2. He would sit on her shoulder for a little while and stare at her. It is very sweet to see them together.
  9. Hi all It's been a while since i have been on the forum. I've got some big news. I am now a mother of a beautiful baby girl named Caitlin Rose. She is my first and she has been wonderful. She is now a month old. Thought I'd share some pics in the link below: http://www.vickykh.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=8675
  10. Hi there, Just thought id share a couple of pics i took of George, Franklin and Balki. They have been through so much losing their friend Henrietta recently.
  11. Poor Henrietta passed away yesterday after leaving her at the avian vet to stay overnight in the hope that she would survive. She died of canker and her body was picked up from the vet this morning and we burried her in our backyard. I will miss her and so will George, Franklin and especially Balki. It is sad to see her go. R.i.p Henrietta.
  12. Yes, I am treating the remainder of my birds with a canker treatment which is mixed into water. <br /><br /><br />
  13. Hi all, I took Henrietta to the avian vet and had been advised that she had canker. I had left her with the vet overnight so she can be treated with antibiotics and have a couple of other tests but after leaving the vet I had a call shortly after with bad news that Henrietta died, she had choked. I was told she had a 60% chance of surviving and had my hopes but unfortunately she did not make it.
  14. Hi all, I noticed on Monday that my pet budgie Henrietta had a pooey bottom. Other than that she seemed fine. I used the raspberry cordial trick in the water for the next few days hoping this would help. I then noticed in the next few days she seemed more tired and not as active as she had been. Especially yesterday when I got home from work she looked as though she was breathing funny and just sat in the same spot on the perch. She is in a cage with another 3 budgies and 2 of the other budgies seem concerned about her and sit close to her and try to preen and feed her but she just wants to be left alone. I think she stopped eating from yesterday. I tried feeding her from my hand which she would always eat from but was not interested this time. It's unusual she is not eating because she is quite a big girl and enjoys eating so something is definately wrong. Every morning when I change my birds seed and water they all straight away go to the feeders to eat but today Henrietta didn't. One of my birds Balki who is very fond of Henrietta did not eat straight away because he wanted to help Henrietta and was trying to preen and feed her. I was a bit concerned that Balki may stop eating because he is so worried about her but I saw him eat for little while and then went straight back to Henrietta. I made a booking with the avian vet for this afternoon. I hope it's nothing serious. Just wanted some advice or if anyone has any idea of what could be wrong with Henrietta. I am very worried about her because she is my only girl and hope she will be okay.
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