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  1. Poor Cock. If you have space give him a nice hen. He will always like you for this favor.
  2. Yes........also a df spangle will have a blue cere. KAZ - Can we get spangle chicks from DF Dpied to Normal Pairing?
  3. Thanks Nev. You are a great assest for budgie lovers.
  4. The bird is recessive pied, so the cere would not turn blue even if he gets old. I think Male.
  5. Hi, Can any body let me know the percentage of colors we would get if we pair them togeter in blue series. For Example: Sky Blue to Sky Blue Sky Bule to Cobalt Sky Blue to Grey Cobalt to Grey Cobalt to Cobalt Grey to Grey Thanks,
  6. The father is double factor Spangle masking D Pied as Splat said. If he would have been a DF D pied then the offspring should have not been spangle, since spangle is dominant and birds can not carry them in split form.
  7. I don't think it is a good idea to discuss God in this forum. We should love each other and respect eachother's point of view. If we were created by a big bang or we had a common gene with monkeys or God created us, this makes no differences as no one would be able to claim for sure what is the fact. We love budgies, so please let us know each other as budgie lover. If I say people who belive in God are laymans, then I think it is not necessery. Or If I say people who do not belive in God are laymans, it is also NOT necessery. LET'S LOVE AND RESPECT EACH OTHER.
  8. Ageed Looks male in that picture.
  9. Hi Hilly - A very interesting post. Please update what were the outcome of those red eyed chicks? Males or females?
  10. Hi - Good News to hear they are healthy. I think it takes them 5 - 7 weeks to come back into condition. The moulting bird needs plenty of vitamins during moulting. Good Luck.
  11. Nice Chicks. In the last picture your hen seem to be a dominant pied, less than 6 months old.
  12. I am also interested to see what experts advice as I mostly face these problems as well:)
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