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  1. I was in my local pet shop and noticed something different on some of the shops "Fancy" budgies. In the pictures, the budgie on the left near the wooden blocks has dark blue tail feather. Sorry I didn't get a photo of the back of the budgie, I didn't want to risk getting kick out of the store, only live pet store in my area. Photo: Now my question, I think this budgie is a yellow faced dominate green pied for the main body. I was wondering if anyone has breed this type of budgie before with a dark blue tail feather in Australia, and how is this mutation made?
  2. I was watching python hunters on tv and they where breeding different style pythons for sale as pets, and it got me to thinking about budgie breeding. I should note I don't plan on breeding budgie, I'm just trying to get a understanding of how to breed them, and how the various mutations are done. Also I should note this is done with a controlled breeding situation. Here are my questions. 1. If you pair up 2 budgies, do they breed for life with each other? 2. f they do not breed for life, is the breeding process do as the following: female A is paired up with male B and they produce a chicks with mutation X. Next time female A is paired up with male C to produce chicks with mutations Y Is one of these questions the correct way of breeding budgies in a controlled setting, or is the breeding process done differently?
  3. Here is a bagel swing I made. So far Chicken-Hawk likes it, but if kind of camera shy, like me.
  4. I know when a bird gets attached to some thing you need to remove it. So do I need to cut off my thumbs, wait 4 months, then go to my doctor and say "My budgie has been getting frisky with my thumbs and I had to cut them off. Would you mind reattaching them see the pass has passed?" If I'm right, I'll problem be committed for a psych evaluation.
  5. Hi I've always heated the ends of my ropes. Never had no problems Yours B.J. With the flames from a lighter, or a hot burner from the stove?
  6. I made an order to a online bird shop, and got 12 feet of 1/4 inch thick cotton rope. I planned on making a climbing rope with it, but i jumped the gun with out thinking it out fully first. When i cut the rope to make my project, can i use a lighter(or any heat source) to burn the ends to stop the rope ends from flaying out? If that is not advised, what is recommended?
  7. I know my bird and my grandmother's bird do know each other. We had a few power outages and had to stay with my grandparents and they where in the same room together for a day. During the day, My grandmother's bird is in another room and mine in another. When is it bed time, I cover mine up, then bring hers in, due to the fact the room she is in has bad heating at night (got to love living in a old house). I was thinking of keeping them separated for a week, before moving my grandmother's bird into the main room for more permanent solution. Or should I keep them separated longer?
  8. My Grandparents are head over to Spain for a few months, and my Grandmother want me to take care of her budgie. I've take car of her budgie before when we had a very lazy cat, but now we no longer have a cat and now have a budgie. The budgie is in the house now, but in another room for quarantine. Now they are yelling to each other from different rooms. Was this the right move to make, or should I have some one else look after her budgie?
  9. This more of a general question then bird health related. What do you mean by "chemist"? Is what Australasian call pharmacists in Australia, or is it a actual research type chemist?
  10. switched to a old towel, and ended up cutting it in half. The only reason I used them in the first place was because my mom sells Epicure Spices and had a bunch of old order forms. Now i know it is safe, I have a bunch of shredding toys i didn't have to make .
  11. @ Bird Junky: I don't take is as you picking on me. I get enough of that from my own family lately . I did take the advice about the playing with a ball. Although I do not have a ball to play with, being a hobby gamer, I have the next best thing. Lots and lots of dice. Right now, I'm trying to teach her to knock a d6(six sided) dice of the platform of the play gym. If this works out how I hope, the next stop of Monte Carlo and make it big at craps * insert evil smile here*
  12. Here is a few more pictures during the day, in case the last photo was not clear enough of the cere. @ Bird Junky: My bird will step up on my finger and fly over to my shoulder with out command. Where should I start with retraining?
  13. By vulgar I mean, squatting down, trying to feed my thumb, and wiggling of the of the butt/tail feather. Its kind of similar to a cat or dog scooting across a carpet due to a in packet anal gland or possible worms. Here is an updated picture of her cere. If the image is not clear enough, I'll try again in the morning with some more natural light. On a side note. With the pieds gene, after the first molt, is it normal for the recessive color, in this case green, to grow more on the body then when I first got "it"? Also if this is the case, will the green color take up more of the body after every molt, if this is the case?
  14. I took the advise Finnie gave, and it back fired badly. When she is now crawling up onto the top of my head and when I remove her from my head, she fly backs on top of my head or start squawking. It seems as though she see my glasses as a $300 ladder. Worst now she is doing it to my mom now. I tried ignoring her when she did it, but that semi worked. She would hope up, walk around, peck at my head, then hop down. It seems as though the problem has gotten worse because of this action. It's bad enough I'm going through 9 shirts a week because of poo, I just don't poo in my hair. Just recently when she has been hopping onto my glasses, I been taking them off with her still on them. Kind of cause and consequence action. After i do talk to her calmly about what she did, and hope she understands why this is happening. Am I taking the right course of action, or should I take another course of action? Edit: I just remember this. This is as of yesterday, March 21, 2012. When I have my hand on my thigh or stomach, she will get very attached to my thumb. She will get chipper, try to feed it, fluff up, and be vulgar with my shirt of pants. This is a theory, but could this behavior be due to it being spring and passably being breeding season?
  15. I was in the craft store today and saw colored bamboo cord for sale in the jewelry section of the store. I know bamboo is safe for budgies, but is bamboo cord safe for budgies also, being made of the same material?
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