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  1. Thanks robyn, like I said it was his favourite toy and when he was moved from the flight to the breeding cage he always sat in the corner viewing his toy from a distance if any bird went near it he screached at them. I made a judgement call and gave him his little rope toy. He was then happy.
  2. In advance this comment is not bringing good news. Today my problems really started, the cock I left in with Amy I found yesterday day stuck on his favourite toy upside down (toy has been chucked). As I was out all day I have no idea how long he was there. Thankfully he was still alive, flapping and scared. I helped him free and checked him over. He was a little off balance for a minute and then fluffed up regaining his balance. He had a little bit of a poopy bum, which I cleaned. I watched him for the next few hours, he seemed okay. This morning I checked and he again seemed fine, no poopy bum, balance was 100%. Then at lunch time I went back to check again before I went out and he was face down where his favourite toy used to be. My poor little boy Leonard. It is remarkable the amount of tears I have cried for my poor little friend. He is my first budgie to pass away since I have started and he will always be remembered as a happy little boy who loved his toy :'(
  3. I did have issues in the beginning with there diet, but now they are all good. They started eating properly November. So they have had 3months at least of healthy diet. They really enjoy little homemade treats. I got them in September's, so 6months to settle in. I tried breeding them in the beginning, but obviously being told to wait and do research. So for the past few moths I have read heaps on this forum, a few books and joined a budgie club. I thought I was ready, so when my hen started coming into condition. I added the nest box. (keep in mind my hen and cock were already paired off) 2weeks later no sign of bonding and no interest in the nest box so I went looking for answers. That is when I read about multiple cocks, I thought it was worth a try as maybe she doesn't like the cock I have chosen. 1week yesturday and still no signs of bonding or interest in the nest box. Hence my question. As of today her cere is still brown and not yet dark chocolate colour, so I have removed one cock. Leaving original pair. I have also removed nest box. If I see any courting I will put the nest box back, but I think I have stuffed up this time round. Thanks for all your help Finnie and Bj. Kaitlyn
  4. Right, now everything makes alot more sense. When I read your post all I kept thinking was I'm sure that I did it because I read it. I then began to really worry. Thanks again for posting back so quickly, had me quite worried I'd made a horrible mistake. Thankfully no harm done, I obviously need to read a little more carefully. Would you suggest I put pair back in flight or leave them paired in breeding cabinet?
  5. Thanks you guys for really quick responses. I will first thing tomorrow morning remove 2nd cock and nest box. I remember reading to put a hen in with a few cocks just for a few days and in that time she should take a liking to a cock. Then you put your pair into a seperate breeding cabinet. I will try to find where I read it tomorrow as my phone won't let me search. Her cere has still not turned dark brown yet, how long are hens usually in condition for? Thanks Kaitlyn
  6. Is it possible that a hen doesn't like any cock and just doesn't want to breed? I have been following step by step the correct breeding faq. I have separated my hen as her cere has turned medium brown placing her into a breeding cage. After 3days I have added my only 2cocks of age, both cocks try to go near her but she just pecks them away. She doesn't seem to be interested in either cock or the nest box. So back to my question is it possible that she just isn't interested in breeding? It has now been 7days with both cocks. She is still not showing any signs of interest in either cock. Thanks heaps Kaitlyn
  7. Looks like he is enjoying his new home :-)
  8. Thanks Nerwen. It really is annoying.
  9. Thanks Maesie and Robin, I definitely agree. Venting was much better than screaming at them.
  10. Sorry that you feel my vent was inappropriate, but I needed to vent. I'm sorry some of you feel it was wrong of me. I just obviously felt hurt, upset and angry. I have previously seen other members talk about anything and everything in the off topic chatter from dating too homework help. I hope I haven't offended anyone but the topic title clearly stated what the topic was all about.
  11. Oh yeah! The final issue is that David's (my fiancee) family never tell each other how they really feel. So when I do turn around and say something I get pinned as the bad guy for being too negative. His whole family I one big puppet show with the older people just telling the younger ones what to do. It is just so annoying. Does anyone else have problem In-laws? How do you deal with them? I'd love some advise.
  12. What a great read :-) Some really good ideas. This would of really come in handy last year in the QLD January Brisbane floods. Thankfully we haven't been affected this year. My thoughts are with everyone that is affected, even those who's home are safe.
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