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  1. You mean that the chick one is df goldenface? I just wonder why the depth of the color is so different.
  2. Just finished building an aviary for my birds :)

  3. My breeder friend got a strangely strong colored yellofaces or greenblue budgies that had a lot of blue in their body feathers. The mother is a yellowface, but the coloring in the face isn't close to the babies and the body feathers doesn't have green coloring in it. The father is normal green. Can anyone tell the coloring of the bluegreen budgies? Here are some of the chicks: The strange bluegreen budgie: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-kG7O6BoEy4k/ULdQmnf_KYI/AAAAAAAAAJg/T7YbJo8lfAQ/s1600/Kuva+122.jpg Blue yellowface: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-xmp4_wQ5Fpk/ULd9vqz5oBI/AAAAAAAAAKQ/lRbx4Sd2yz8/s1600/Kuva+067.jpg Green with some blue: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-QRY1zXZ0Ljg/ULd64Jyd1mI/AAAAAAAAAJ8/SBjQlFpxsfY/s1600/Kuva+073.jpg Here are the parents: Mother: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-nC6kt1IeSww/T-r6EC3GNLI/AAAAAAAAADw/zKqtgyjX9lo/s320/Lintuja+taas+010.jpg Father: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-LF9KhN3j_WQ/T-sJHxBUuVI/AAAAAAAAAEw/gxGgfrqIivE/s320/Lintuja+taasen+016.jpg
  4. Yes, these are the only possible parents, since it took some time for them to start breeding in the breeding cage. Here are all the chicks they've got. I think the mother is split to recessive pied, and that makes some of the Dutch pieds more pied. The mother is also split to graywig. If you click the text "Katso kuvia" below pictures, you'll find more pictures. I found a new picture of the father with his son. There you can see the green coloring on the back.
  5. Sorry, that I'm bothering again, but I'm interested in knowing the differences between Sf and Df sky violets.
  6. You are saying spangle is dominant over dominant pied? Spangle and dominant pied can't co-exist on double factor form in one bird? That would mean they would locate on the same gene locus and would be allelic to each other, i.e they would be mutations from the same gene.
  7. You can use the pictures :)

  8. Ailes, would it be okay if i could use your 2 pictures (the one of the 2 cobalts/mauves and the other of the cobalt violet) so I could put them side-by-side to my own budgie's picture. I'll give you full credit for them, i just want to post it on my thread on here to show people what im talking about.

  9. The pictures are bad, because all the light gray markings wont't show up, also the flash lightens the body color on the back so much that he looks like totally yellow, but he isn't. He cannot be DF spangle, because he has got babies with normal markings, too. However, he is some kind of double factor dominant pied, because all the babies he has had, have been pieds, some similar to Dutch pieds and some to Australian dominant pieds.
  10. okay, the half colored feathers are due to spangle factor. Here are the parents Mother: Normal Cobalt Father: Dark green violet spangle graywing possibly combination of Australian and Dutch dominant pied
  11. Can anyone tell me why the body coloring is found only at the tip of the feathers on the back of this budgie. The feathers seems to be half yellow and half green. Here she a bit older.
  12. I see paler coloring around the nostrils, so I say it's a female.
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