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  1. Hi Splat, Atavism is extremely rare. I think you may have answered yiour question in your post. Cheers PT
  2. Hi Devil, I hate those b#$st*^ds that don't fly. My flights are high and long and birds have to fly. I feed plenty of oats and I don't get fat birds - because they fly. The damn things have wings because they fly. Make 'em fly and keep 'em fit. Pleased to know that the Melton birds are doing a good job for you. Cheers PT
  3. Showing your age Devil!!!!!! You can still find paddocks of the sh1t these days! Cheers PT
  4. Always happy to help out the elderly when I can! If you were showing at Western Subs on Tuesday and won the Inter section, you would win a pair of mine - Double Factor cock and Spangle Grey Green hen. The hen is closely related to the cock you purchased! I have bred a few spangles this year so should be able to find something for you next year when the youngsters moult out. As for the seed, the seed we use is MaxiSeed from Max Douglas of Murrami (Leeton). I have used this seed since I started (8 years) and have NEVER had a problem. 50% canary and 50 % mixed millet. We use the standard mix, not the "Watto" mix. I don't know what weed seeds might or might not be in it, but let's put it this way, there is no patersons curse in my backyard! My Dodgey mates in WA used to buy a pallet of Golden Cob - maybe that is the way to go? Cheers PT
  5. That's super - well done D & D! Cheers PT
  6. Hey Devil, Recovered from your walk/run?? We are the same as Macka. It is good seed and there is a bit af flexibility in the mix from what I understand. Maybe it would be best to buy a pallet of seed between a few of you? If you need contact details, let me know. Cheers PT
  7. Maybe they we're created when the big bang happened............................................................... Does this mean that Sheldon made budgies????
  8. ditto Clearwing. BIS and best spangle. Both lovely birds. Congrats Julie. Cheers PT
  9. You Go Mr & Mrs Devil!!!!!!! Why am I not suprised that Mrs Devil made it across the line before you?!?!?!?!? Cheers PT
  10. you sure about that as i was told only orange ??? its all c.ra.p i think they should go back to old ring issue Either or both is fine. I agree - let's go back to the old ring issue date. Cheers PT
  11. Hi Dan, Sorry, didn't get the chance to catch up on Sunday. I reckon you picked up a few bargains and Digby had a pretty good time by the looks of things. He certainly enjoys spending Dad's money! Are you going to the Geelong Aggie Show? Cheers PT
  12. Hey Devil, Good day for sport - ordinary day for a budgie auction! I think that was the toughest auction I have sold - "flatter than a sh1t carters hat"! A great day if you were a buyer and no good if you are a seller. The grey pied was my top price at $220. There were plenty of good birds but no money. I think the Chidel auction took a lot of the usual interstate money out of the game. Someone asked about Henry's birds - the quality was not that bad, certainly better than pet shop as suggested by somebody. I purchased his albino hen for $120 and lot 1 was a nice cock. There was also a nice cinnamon spangle hen that made about $500. The Fellows and Gazzard birds were very good and had the faces that you expect from their birds. There were also a couple of nice Shep & Flan and Scoble birds. I also picked up Jim Fletchers Aus Yellowface cock fo $90. He now has a new girlfriend who is about twice his size. They remind me af a pair of bogans - skinny bloke in acid wash jeans and his fat girlfriend in tracky dacks! Personally, I think the sale would have averaged about half of what it did last year and it was not because of the quality. Hope you picked up what you wanted. Cheers PT
  13. Hi Taz, I used to be a Ford man but I like Lowndes and Whincup so you have to back the Red Lion. Normally, I would work my **** off on Sat and get all my jobs done so I can sit on it all day and watch the race on Sunday - but not this year. The RWC is an added complication. The way Wales played tonite, I am glad we are playing the Boks. Wish Barnes was playing outside centre, but I think we can do it. Bid quick and bid last!!!! Cheers PT
  14. Hi Devil, Yes I have the gavel and it is Bathurst weekend and the Wallabies play the Boks at 3.30 - so if you're on the phone, don't hang and drag or you will miss out!!!!! Cheers, PT
  15. Here is the website PDF just incase. Thanks wayno for reminding me to post, lol http://www.bcv.asn.a...tFlyerMap11.pdf Hi All, Just a reminder that the Western Subs auction is on tomorrow. My spies report that there are some very good birds on offer! See you there. Cheers PT
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