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  1. Have been offerred a transfer to QLD (HERVEY BAY) with work we are looking for info on whats its like to breed birds in this area whats the local club etc any info will be appreciated aS IT WILL ALL be taken into consideration when it comes to a final decision Cheers TAZ D
  2. NERWEN will do as soon as time permits. CHEERS TAZ D
  3. TWISTED we have a new mob who have taken over the PETS DOMAIN stores in Nth Tassie renamed them PET BARN i beleive they will not source birds local if they do only pay $3/4 for greens and $6 for coloured and the charge $28 to $35............ i have heared they are bringing birds from interstate S.A that is........................ today.TUCKERBOX in LONNIE has no budgies pet or show and will not buy greens (as if i have any greens that is) go figure ...........TAZ D
  4. HI ALL na not dead just been a little quite for my two cents worth they are multi crests we ( son KYLE) have bred several this year with two full circles on the head and a full circle in the centre of the back................. feather not quite as long as the clip...................... only from one pair CREST BRED COCK AND A FULL CIRCULAR HEN both bred by the same breeder and no sign of a multi crest on either parent............any thoughts...............Cheers TAZ D.
  5. LETS SEE the weather,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.government,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,having to go to work gee is it Monday already................... feathers everywhere,,,,,,,,,,,,,other than that where do you want to start........CHEERS TAZ D
  6. Hi all i beleive that John Carter in Sydney has a few seen one a few years ago at his abode Cheers TAZ D
  7. Renee yes i thought so to but thats the vets diagnoises the only varieties that i have really strugglwith this year are greens (of course) and fallows, KYLEs crests have also either been multi crests (up to 3 per bird) or plain crestbred so hes also a little down and has lost a bit of his enthusiasm. Cheers TAZ D
  8. Only green bred to date with new ring issue has a cyst on his tail (somebody tell me who i have offended ) talk about unlucky then on the other hand have bred a nice sky out of CHOOKBREEDERS pied that i got at the melton auction. looks like hes been on steroids gees hes big and showy to boot..................... brother is not half bad either.................i think that the colour green is a jinx at this address does anybody else struggle with a variety or colour.....Cheers from a wet and soggy Tassie ...TAZ D
  9. RENEE/KAZ/SPLAT Gas burners their are a couple of types one that takes a butane gas cannister cheapest one available was about $39 plus cannister got from Bunnings dont know if they still have them there is also one available that fits on to a gas bottle either 3kg or 8.5kg (the BBQ type) range in price from $100 to $300 all depends where u get it from. If gas is not your cup of tea try a heat gun (electric) some burn up to 300 deg and do the same job and probably are safer to use Lime will in no way hurt the birds you will find most calcium blocks contain 30% lime hope this helps TAZ D
  10. Matt hi from Tassie when i had it last (2 years ago) i did what you have done plus if your floor of your birdroom is concrete hit it with flame from a gas burner then dress the floor with lime i found that this made a *** of a lot of difference Cheers TAZ D
  11. RENEE it sure does hurt we upgrade with $$$ made from our existing birds it can be an uphill battle down here as there is a limited matket fot culls especially some of the pet shop type....................aaaahhhh well there is always next year.............just living the dream Cheers TAZ D
  12. FOOTNOTE to auction birds Somebody give me a break come home this arvo to find my major purchase last year and the most expensive bird we have purchased to date dead as a nit on the floor NEVER FILLED AN EGG looked pretty good though. Bird was fromm a well known breeder talk about buying a dud...............gees MRS Devil is going to cut crook...........WHAT A DISSAPPOINTMENT AND A WASTE OF HOPES AND $$$$$.........................So if im not here youll know that im in the dog house Hope your day is better than mine.... Cheers TAZ D
  13. Well fancy that it is amazing what people call things take NSW for instance ANBC trophies are referred to as LOGIES WHY I ask the pinnacle award as far as im concerned is called something that has nothing to do with our hobby ....Your thoughts everybody... Cheers TAZ
  14. Finally got one (dark green that is) in the nest that is parents are ADPied Dark Green cock paired to Cobolt hen after 2 rounds and 9 Dom Pieds we finally have a normal at this stage it could have one leg and it would look good.Now if it was 12mths old but thats another story Cheers RAZ D.
  15. Chookbreeder noted and i will tell them to fly in the morning TAZ D
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