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  1. Robyn, if the hen has laid soft shell eggs, don't continue to breed with her, give her a rest and let her moult through again befor re-pairing. She needs time to replenish her calcium levels and rest. cheers Clearwing
  2. Add more perches and you have plenty of room for 20-30 birds.
  3. Welcome to the site Linda. I am pretty sure Melton Diploma Show is this Saturday. You would meet plenty of local breeders there, check Budgerigar Coucil of Victoria web site for details cheers Clearwing
  4. clearwing

    Funny Tail

    Doesn't look like a problem, dip the tail in a glass of hot water and straighten feathers between your fingers, when it dries it will be fine cheers Clearwing
  5. Yes i have seen them before they are Japanese crests, that Y/F spangle is beautiful. I must say I haven't bothered breeding crests for years, but I would breed this mutation if we could get them in Australia. Cheers Clearwing
  6. That looks like a lot of fun, but like me you need to keep the feathers out of the pool. Cheers Clearwing
  7. Simple check out the birds eye, if it has/gets a white iris then its dom pied if it doesn't its rec. pied. cheers clearwing
  8. Place the leg in iced water for a few seconds, making sure the foot is totally clean, then pull the ring on. be brave you may graze the middle[fat part] of the foot, but it will heal in two days. I have done this many times even with chicks that have left the nest and are perching. This is NOT braking any rules as the rule states "the bird must be owner bred and rung" cheers Clearwing
  9. She looks like a lacewing to me, just check the quill of the tail shafts if brown lacewing, but if blue Fallow cheers Clearwing
  10. I believe the spangle won best spangle, but the blue was best blue and champion bird.
  11. Congratulations SPLAT, winning Champ bird at the Victorian UBC sheild today { for those not from Victoria this is our main and premier UBC show} well done just shows hard work and dedication pays off and you don't need to be a millionaire. Cheers Clearwing
  12. Looks like you have an albino hen and a cinnamon spangle recessive pied hen. Cheers Clearwing
  13. Thats true Finney, works well on human cuts too. cheers Clearwing
  14. They look good Fordmob, you obviously were able to buy some nice start-up stock. cheers Clearwing
  15. Don't worry if its only the tip the bird will be fine cheers clearwing
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