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  1. Have you vanished of the face of the earth or where have you gone

  2. I really like your first one, Dom pied and the last one, very cute splat! Very handsome budgies
  3. Very cute I especially like your cobalt and beanbags sibling(female?)
  4. Sad about the French moult coming back! Just when you thought it was gone, it came back just to annoy you, Atleast it isn't affecting any other nests.
  5. Taylor

    Took Me A While,

    Looks fantastic. Im just wondering, are those pot plants in the 2nd last picture safe. They look like they could be reached by a budgie. It may be the angle. I just wanna make sure they don't eat anything poisonous and later come on to find a post in the memorial section.
  6. Sorry, I couldn't see a hand holding it or something like that. I looked it up afterwards and yeah it wasn't a eucalyptus, but it was getting late and I forgot to post in the morning. I think though I've given my birds that and no probs
  7. I'm pretty sure my dads got the same plant. If so then yes. It doesn't have a little tag?
  8. Taylor

    Hi Ya'll

    Yes twisted, it does! Lol Amazing how many people forget Tassie part of Australia...
  9. Taylor

    Hi Ya'll

    I'm just stating many people on here are Aussie. I also said this is MAINLY Australian forum. Meaning there are other people from other countries on here too
  10. Do they know anything about sexing? Many just say blue for boys pink for girls. A younger budgies cere is not blue and most are pink purple for boys and girls have a white ring around the nostril. I have only found one petshop that actually sex budgies right.
  11. Taylor

    Hi Ya'll

    Hi and welcome. This is a mainly Australian based forum but there are a few on here who could help you out with the clubs situation But all of us on here will do our best to help you out!
  12. Taylor


    Hi rich, welcome to the forum. There is loads of information on here so take your time and look around!
  13. Oh thanks nerwen! What would you suggest then for fern? Are you saying for a lacewing to work it would have to be lacewing cock x cinnom hen? What TCB colour would you suggest for poppy, Yellow or white?
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