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    Birds - finches and budgies. Fish - anything that is 8" or under that you can keep in an aquarium. <br />:)
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  1. ESSEX-KENT CAGE BIRD SOCIETY YOUNG FEATHER SHOW AN OUTING FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY On Sunday, May 31, 2009 10 to 3 come join us and spend an exciting day at Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens, Ruthven. The Restaurant Café is open from 8 to 6. Sunday Brunch is from 10am to 1:30pm. A large selection of cacti, beautiful flowers and exotic plants to see or buy, in their large greenhouses. Collectables, crafts and supplies, an 18 hole indoor miniature golf course, games for all ages, animals for children to pet & enjoy. Check their website: www.colasanti.com The Essex-Kent Cage Bird Society will be there for their exhibition and Young Feather Competition/Show. Many different colours and varieties of birds to look at: canaries, finches, budgerigars, cockatiels, lovebirds and parrots, that perhaps you have never seen before. Meet the people that bred these lovely birds and get to learn a little bit more about the birds first hand. Free for all Questions & answers on PET BIRDS & more Come learn how to show birds as well. Contact: Julianne 519-948-6398 or Sue & Dave 519-727-3766
  2. Looks like a great tank. You going to put a background on it? Are you only having the guppies and the panda cories? http://users.kent.net/~lisab/
  3. (Laughing out loud) I guess I'll have to try that version!
  4. Can always try one I made a while back - http://www.jigzone.com/puzzles/7112A50FD27
  5. Another name for a soccer player is Pele. Don't know that it's applicable, but it's the only other player I know! (well, he used to play)
  6. Jessamy since she's pale yellow.
  7. Here are some pics from the first day of the show. I took many pictures but lots didn't work well. Pretty tough getting good pics of birds in show cages. Total bird entries at the show was 319. Total budgie entries was 62. I've included a few generic shots of the show, a small section of the awards before they were handed out and a few decent budgie pics. I mainly only photographed 1st or 2nd place. A couple were just birds I liked.
  8. I just copied the list. So, not worried that it's not complete.
  9. I found a chart that I copied here. Hopefully it's correct. Violet (sf) Skyblue × Mauve 50% Violet (sf) 50% Cobalt Violet (df) Skyblue × Mauve 100% Violet (sf) Cobalt Violet (sf) Skyblue × Cobalt 25% Violet (sf) Cobalt 25% Violet (sf) Skyblue 25% Cobalt 25% Skyblue Violet (df) Skyblue × Cobalt 50% Violet (sf) Cobalt 50% Violet (sf) Skyblue Violet (sf) Skyblue × Skyblue 50% Violet (sf)Skyblue 50% Skyblue Violet (df) Cobalt) × Skyblue 100% Violet (sf) Skyblue Violet (sf) Cobalt × Skyblue 25% Violet (sf) Cobalt 25% Violet (sf) Skyblue 25% Cobalt 25% Skyblue Violet (df) Cobalt × Skyblue 50% Violet (sf) Cobalt 50% Violet (sf) Skyblue Violet (sf) Cobalt × Cobalt 12.5% Violet (sf) Skyblue 25% Violet (sf) Cobalt 12.5% Violet (sf) Mauve 12.5% Skyblue 12.5% Mauve Violet (df) Cobalt × Cobalt 25% Violet (sf) Skyblue 50% Violet (sf) Cobalt 25% Violet (sf) Mauve Violet (sf) Mauve × Skyblue 50% Violet (sf) Cobalt 50% Cobalt Violet (df) Mauve × Skyblue 100% Violet (sf) Cobalt Violet (sf) Mauve ×Cobalt 25% Violet (sf) Cobalt 25% Violet (sf) Mauve 25% Mauve 25% Cobalt Violet (df) Mauve x Cobalt 50% Violet (sf) Cobalt 50% Violet (sf) Mauve Violet (sf) Mauve × Mauve 50% Violet (sf) Mauve 50% Mauve Violet (df) Mauve × Mauve 100% Violet (sf) Mauve
  10. I wouldn't worry about it so much. If you see an egg, there's really no way for her to sit on it properly without a nesting box. Some females will even lay eggs when they're alone! The behaviour you see could be just a new game she's figured out. Maybe try a new toy?
  11. We were discussing our budgies and from our experience with zebra finches, and a few other finches, there are some types you should not breed back to themselves. Some say you shouldn't breed crested to crested as the double factor ones dis. That's the sort of thing we were wondering about. His question is: Are there any lethal factor genes in budgies?
  12. I MSNed him the other day since I was also worried about the bird, and he told me that she was doing alot better.
  13. Said quite well in my opinion. To me, it's state your opinion of the matter and if they don't follow your advice, well... that's the way it is. You won't force anyone to change what they'll do, or what they believe. They're going to do it whether or not we agree it's right or wrong. The way you state your opinion says more about the person you are than the message you're trying to send. Knowing Joey a little, I'd say that if he had the money and the ability to go to an avian vet for the bird, he would have. It's pretty tough for a kid to have the ability/money to do these sorts of things though and I think people tend to forget that fact.
  14. I say Hephaestus! Maybe you could "feminize" the name. I figured if you wanted to follow the gods, and needed one that was handicapped, the name works.
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