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  1. I am unsure of this birds age as it was randomly flying around outside a neighbours house and we convinced it to fly in their house so i could catch it. Ive had it for atleast 4 years. Sometimes its a light blue and sometimes its a light brown, its different every day. Only have pictures from a day it looked more brown, it never usually has the darker brown youll see in these pictures but is almost always the pinkish colour around the nostrils with the centers varrying in colour day to day. http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l88/Lola...ots/Pics012.jpg http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l88/Lola...ots/Pics004.jpg http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l88/Lola...ots/Pics013.jpg Thanks
  2. organic strawberrs from the supermarket can be expensive... and the lines for "organic" are so thin they can still have toxins on them theres no way to be 100% sure. the best way is to grow them yourself. strawberries are really easy to grow at home, ive got about 40 plants... i cant seem to kill mine.
  3. im actually quite surprised at how quickly they adjusted to each other! the budgies will gladly sit beside the teils no problem not a care in the world, and then just drift off to sleep. the teils like to keep to themselves on their little swings. So i think all will work out just fine and i can take apart their old cage and stick it in the garage so its OUT OF THE WAY!
  4. Decided id had enough of cagew sprawled all over the place so we finally put everyone together into the same cage. Its 5ft long(150cm) , 2 1/2 ft tall (75cm) and 1 1/2ft wide(45cm) 6 Budgies, 2 cockatiels, everyones getting along great! theres enough room for Buddy to scurry off and hide in his own corner if anyone tries to pick on him, and the teils keep Fruity in check since she thinks shes Boss. Everyones happy, enoying their millet and Flying around. Spaz is really enjoying the room and fluttering everywheres so does Snow, where as most of the others would rather hop. Howard would not leave the cages side, HE HAD TO SEE THOSE BIRDS! i know i know but just to introduce them , This is LemonDrop and Snowflake... (yes i have 2 Snowflakes now) Big Pictures http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l88/Lola...eCageNov003.jpg http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l88/Lola...eCageNov002.jpg What do we think?
  5. Im a little dissapointed i havnt tried flight pictures of the budgies yet with my new camera. Getting the light settings was a bit difficult so sorry their not that great I was thinking Tuitti Fruiti for a name .. or is it spelt Frutti or fruity ... anyone? Snowflake. Crystal wasnt into doing much flying, and spaz was too quick in that light. My Spaz Cake Birdie, He flicked his 1 wing up every time the camera flashed its quite cute. Buddy stayed in and played with his toys, the others still beat him up because he doesnt have tweety to protect him, and Crystals just not that photo friendly.
  6. :budgiedance: What on earth is an anthracite/Anthrazit??
  7. id say boy girl, the third could go either way in my oppinion. its nice and blue around the bottom but around the nostril ( lets call it that) it almost looks like its going tan with a bit of brown there.
  8. even if you dont mist them directly, you can spray icy water into the air and on the bars of their cage, You can try the opposite of what you do for sick birds instead of sticking a hot water bottle to the side of the cage, try and ice pack, it will cool the air around it. as for out of the cage, mini air conditioning units, a fan blowing on some ice packs. chilled washcloths on them or have them step on that.
  9. get some air moving in the room hes in. do extra misting, make sure it doesnt get too cool at night that youve created a cold draft on him. my guys in my room got the fans all day long but a blanket was put up at night so the air wouldnt blow directly on them. you can sometimes pick up mini air conditioners for cheap.
  10. my little conure can squeeze his fat little head through the bars of his cage, a budgie definatly will too. the design is also a little more parrot preffered. This is one i have been looking at for my guys and might suit sherbet a bit better... if you want BIG I dont know any australian websites that would have it. http://www.windycityparrot.com/Merchant2/m...roduct_Count=16
  11. :budgiedance: i still owe you photos of my Bunny dont i When did i promise those? March? Thanks for the Welcome backs guys~! Okay so... NAME THAT BUDGIE~!!! http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l88/Lola...rdsOct07104.jpg http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l88/Lola...rdsOct07101.jpg She has been Nameless for a few months and people are going to start getting mad at me if i end up naming her Budgie ( This is sort of how Birdie got his name )
  12. Well Hello everyone, I thought id try my hand on here again. I will admit i did enjoy it on here, and its been just over a year so i thought id join back up again. You guys have been having too much fun without me. I Currently have 6 Budgies, Buddy, Birdie, Snowflake, Spaz, Crystal, and a little No named budgie whos been nameless for about 5 months, So il need your help on that one guys.... Unfortuneatly .. i dont think i have a picture of her yet. My Budgies started my Bird craze and theyl always be there. Although since the last time i was here i have lost Tweety at the age of 9 to a tumor My flock also consists of 3 Conures, 2 Pacific Parrotlets, 2 Cockatiels and Lola My Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.
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