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  1. Loren

    Very Bad News

    Thanks for your kind words everyone :feedbirds:
  2. Loren

    Very Bad News

    I took Romeo to the vet again and he had an xray- It showed he had eaten some sort of metal. Also, what was thought to be the break wasnt actually there but it looked like there had been some trauma lower down the leg. So the vet said to keep giving him the meds - the main concern would be any side effects of poisoning. So I took him home and a few days later he died. I wish she had taken the xray the first time. He may have died anyway but you never know.
  3. Loren

    Very Bad News

    Thanks guys Its good to know its not the end of the world!
  4. Wow I never knew that - I guess you learn something new every day!
  5. Before I put him in the aviary, my Smudge used to sleep in the top corner of the cage, hanging on to both sides with his legs spread. It looked very uncomfortable and at first I thought something was wrong but he kept doing it... so I figured he LIKES it!! Sprite used to do somersaults around his perch when he was young.... so cute! They can be quite strange! :feedbirds:
  6. Hi all I have some really bad news... Poor little Romeo has a broken leg! I don't know how it happened... I feel so awful!!! Poor thing. He is currently on paid medication & also some calcium stuff. I wish I could just fix it and make it all better
  7. As everyone before has said, it is important to always keep an eye on your birds when they are outside. And of course make sure they have some shade. I'm sure they will love you for it!
  8. I know how you feel! We have so many cats in my street and no-one brings them in at night. It makes me so angry! I have tried deterring them by putting that smelly anti-cat jelly stuff around the aviary but of course you have to do it regularly... I have also mixed up a paste of pepper and chilli powder but that dries up after a couple of days. There was one particular cat that kept coming back even though I chase them away every time. I seriously considered trapping it but Im not sure where to get a trap from. So if anyone has any other ideas I would also be interested! * I am limited in how I can keep cats away as my aviary is on pavement, but close enough to the next level of the garden for the cats to jump on the aviary. Hard to explain! Im working on mum to get a dog- we never had a cat problem when we had my old dog!
  9. Oh so pretty as usual Bea!
  10. Thanks for your kind words everyone. Poor little thing, it was so unexpected.
  11. A week ago (i havent had access to internet during this time) I came home from work and checked on Pickle and she was dead! I checked her over but there was nothing to indicate she had been attacked or that there ws anything wrong externally, and she was being fed...
  12. Here is Pickle... 15 Days old 21 Days
  13. Aww they are all gorgeous. I especially like the second one - lovely soft colours.
  14. Yes i took it off last weekend, legs weren't quite right so I put another one on. I will take it off this Saturday - it will be 2 weeks then.
  15. Ah yes, sorry guys. Bub is getting feathers now, covered in fluff! Hehe. I will post some pics when i get computer stuff sorted out. She (?) seems a little wonky but I'm not sure if that's just because of the splint... I have nicknamed her Pickle because of 'being in a pickle'.
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