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  1. http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj253/Nickisabirdbrain/2008christmasboids.jpg Me & Spanky Da Spangle, Saucy Face AKA COW BAG ... & Butter Ball ! http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj253/N...oidysyesser.jpg Saucy Face got out of the house ... lucky she got cold & hung out where I could easily catch her. http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj253/N...in/sacyxmas.jpg
  2. That is too cute & too freaky. Strange when they like a snuggly spot like that.
  3. Amazing pics Pika. You look like you were in the midst of Jungle Wonderland. Lucky YOU !
  4. She is getting excited about Christmas. I got her a new hat, it suits her fine ! YOU LIKE ?
  5. Saucy Face is in a horrible molt. Oddly she is having a BALL ! Flying around & doing acrobatics. CIRQUE DU SOLEIL BUDGIE ! She is singing & playing & not the bird I usually have the pleasure of annoying me. If she acts like this during a bad molt ... I hope she molts FOREVER !
  6. Oh sure Sunnie ... everyone is invited to the budgie nuptuals. Millet Cakes will be served with honey coatings. YUM YUM. I will get KAZ to do the service. She will say, Saucy Face .... do you promise to love cherish & promise not to chew Spanky da Spangles head off when he is sleeping ? SO help you god ? '' Saucy will lean over & look our lovely KAZ in the eye & laugh hysterically at her. She will lift her wings & take to the sky & poop on us well wishers. I know this will be a bad bad wedding. Who wants cake ?
  7. Odd how much Squee & Saucy look alike. Sheesh ... I bet your bird is not such a cow bag as my awful hen. Thanks for all the nice replys about the Butter Ball, he certainly brightens up a dull day with his singing & carrying on. It's good to see you all here still !
  8. Thought I would show you a picture of my lovely Butter Ball ... he sings like a charm & baths daily & loves his fruit & veggies. I wish budgies were as easy to feed as these birds. There is a short video of him singing ... you can even hear Saucy Face chirping in the background. I have singing Wars here every day. Saucy try's her hardest to sing louder then the Butter Ball. It's fun to hear. Saucy checking out the new boy & thinking she can steal some of the treats I give him. She is such a cow ! I love the ... '' WHO ME ? '' pose & look she gives me.
  9. So ... long time no speak People. I hope you are all well & being good ! heh heh ... especially you PIE & LIBBY & KAZ ! Not much is happening in the land of Nick Nack. I have a lovely canary now. He is fat & looks like a yellow tennis ball. I call him ButterBall cause thats the name of a yummy turkey we love to eat over here in Canada on the Holidays. Butterball is quiet & gets along with the 2 budgies Saucy Face & Spanky da Spangle. Mostly he stays in his cage & peeps at the budgies when they come to steal his treats. SO HE PEEPS ALLOT !!!! Spanky da Spangle
  10. Hurry back Jimmy ... I am missing you already ! Smooches & all to you.
  11. Well that took some time to read & view. Nice babies there Kaz. Looks like Spring has sprung & is doing Ken & you & your birds well. I have to agree with some of the other members ... some of them babies is soooooooooooooo ugly ! Well they are ugly cute, only the face a Mama & Papa can love !
  12. Gee's ... where have I seen this bird before ? I'm sure I saw it somewhere. I might have even said it was lovely & I would be pleased to see it when its fully feathered. Nice Bird Neville !
  13. I can't decide ... I just have to have them all. Sorry ladies ! CAKE ... it makes my blood run. Sluggishly ... but it runs on cake !