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  1. http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj253/Nickisabirdbrain/2008christmasboids.jpg Me & Spanky Da Spangle, Saucy Face AKA COW BAG ... & Butter Ball ! http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj253/N...oidysyesser.jpg Saucy Face got out of the house ... lucky she got cold & hung out where I could easily catch her. http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj253/N...in/sacyxmas.jpg
  2. That is too cute & too freaky. Strange when they like a snuggly spot like that.
  3. Amazing pics Pika. You look like you were in the midst of Jungle Wonderland. Lucky YOU !
  4. She is getting excited about Christmas. I got her a new hat, it suits her fine ! YOU LIKE ?
  5. Saucy Face is in a horrible molt. Oddly she is having a BALL ! Flying around & doing acrobatics. CIRQUE DU SOLEIL BUDGIE ! She is singing & playing & not the bird I usually have the pleasure of annoying me. If she acts like this during a bad molt ... I hope she molts FOREVER !
  6. Oh sure Sunnie ... everyone is invited to the budgie nuptuals. Millet Cakes will be served with honey coatings. YUM YUM. I will get KAZ to do the service. She will say, Saucy Face .... do you promise to love cherish & promise not to chew Spanky da Spangles head off when he is sleeping ? SO help you god ? '' Saucy will lean over & look our lovely KAZ in the eye & laugh hysterically at her. She will lift her wings & take to the sky & poop on us well wishers. I know this will be a bad bad wedding. Who wants cake ?
  7. Odd how much Squee & Saucy look alike. Sheesh ... I bet your bird is not such a cow bag as my awful hen. Thanks for all the nice replys about the Butter Ball, he certainly brightens up a dull day with his singing & carrying on. It's good to see you all here still !
  8. Thought I would show you a picture of my lovely Butter Ball ... he sings like a charm & baths daily & loves his fruit & veggies. I wish budgies were as easy to feed as these birds. There is a short video of him singing ... you can even hear Saucy Face chirping in the background. I have singing Wars here every day. Saucy try's her hardest to sing louder then the Butter Ball. It's fun to hear. Saucy checking out the new boy & thinking she can steal some of the treats I give him. She is such a cow ! I love the ... '' WHO ME ? '' pose & look she gives me.
  9. So ... long time no speak People. I hope you are all well & being good ! heh heh ... especially you PIE & LIBBY & KAZ ! Not much is happening in the land of Nick Nack. I have a lovely canary now. He is fat & looks like a yellow tennis ball. I call him ButterBall cause thats the name of a yummy turkey we love to eat over here in Canada on the Holidays. Butterball is quiet & gets along with the 2 budgies Saucy Face & Spanky da Spangle. Mostly he stays in his cage & peeps at the budgies when they come to steal his treats. SO HE PEEPS ALLOT !!!! Spanky da Spangle has fallen in loveeeeeeeeee ... With Saucy Face. This only happened recently & was pretty cool to see. Saucy Face kept sneaking in his cage & hanging out with him & kicking his butt & of course she was stealing his treats. He decided he liked being harassed daily ... it probably makes him feel MARRIED ! So he has been out & about flying with her & bobbing his head & dancing circles around her & being a pest & they are getting along amazingly. I only recently let him sleep over night in her cage. I was worried about this you know ... they aren't married & I didn't want any hanky panky & tongues waggling about the pre-marriage naughtys. But they have been getting along fine & they are over the odd arguments about '' AH EXCUSE ME ... I EAT FIRST & NO ... YOU AIN'T SITTING THERE ... THAT'S MY SPOT. '' All in all I am happy they are happy & keeping each other company. Saucy was a little sad when the Weebil died. It's nice to see they have each other now. And to think ... it only took 6 months ! Dang nasty hens ... it's always the hens ain't it ?
  10. Hurry back Jimmy ... I am missing you already ! Smooches & all to you.
  11. Well that took some time to read & view. Nice babies there Kaz. Looks like Spring has sprung & is doing Ken & you & your birds well. I have to agree with some of the other members ... some of them babies is soooooooooooooo ugly ! Well they are ugly cute, only the face a Mama & Papa can love !
  12. Gee's ... where have I seen this bird before ? I'm sure I saw it somewhere. I might have even said it was lovely & I would be pleased to see it when its fully feathered. Nice Bird Neville !
  13. I can't decide ... I just have to have them all. Sorry ladies ! CAKE ... it makes my blood run. Sluggishly ... but it runs on cake !
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