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Found 11 results

  1. I want to ask you some question 1..can budgie recessive pied be also opline ? 2.. what the cheeks will be if i breed male recessive pied × female clearwing? 3.. can i have opaline yellow face sky blue from this mate Male opaline yellow face light green split blue × female opaline sky blue Sorry for bad English
  2. Fyodirr


    Hello! I'm Zsofia/Sophia. I own 2 budgies (for about a year now). One is a blue (pretty plain) budgie named Bart, and the other a yellow pied named Cocoa. They are very special to me. Wings are clipped, they sit on fingers. Cocoa tends to follow Bart around a lot.
  3. Hi! I have one male budgie named Jellybean and he is about 6 months old! He is so sweet and he is trying to make his nest in his food bowl! Also, is it normal that my budgie sleeps with his head on his back?
  4. I'm very new to birds. Inhave never owned one in my life ever until about two weeks ago when i got my first bird. He(im assuming) has been super chill from start with hands being near, around, or in the cage. Nothings ever seemed to really startle him easily either. He even just learnes to perch on my finger! Recently, about five days ago we decided to get a new bird, a bad idea in my opinion for multiple reasons at the time. The new bird is a little more active than Gunter, my first bird, and i often see Gunter copying everything TNB, the new bird, does. Like playing with toys he never
  5. Picked up some new birds today. Love these little guys. <3
  6. hello everyone! I'm new to the forum! I have 55 budgies, 15 Australian which I breed for pets and 40 English which i breed for exhibiting! (and the population of my budgies never stops growing! it will probably be 65 next week ).I have just rebuilt my aviary and bird room so I can expand my exhibiting population! I have owned birds for all my life but have been into breeding and exhibiting budgies for nearly 6 years now! i have owned so many different species of birds from Galahs to many species of conures to macaws to budgies! I think budgies are amazing birds and have so much charact
  7. brax

    Hi, I'm Brax

    Hello all! I'm Sarah (call me Sarah or Brax). I currently live in Leeton, NSW. Throughout my life we've always had a budgie (named Joey, only deterred from that tradition when I named one Leif). I haven't had a budgie for several years though, but my friend recently got one and we love to hang out with him. I'm sad to say I never hand trained my birds, and experiencing the love and fun of a trained bird has me really wanting to get another budgie! I've been researching like crazy, figuring out the best place to have my cage and trying to find local breeders. In all my research (I've sp
  8. Hi, we had a dad budgie escape from a breeding cage 3 days ago(30 aug). Mum is sitting on 6 eggs due to hatch early September and rarely leaves box. I am worried that she will not be able to raise the 6 babies by herself and hand feeding is not an option. This is her second clutch - first clutch of 2.infertile and 3 dead babies in eggs and she started laying the second clutch ( all appear fertile this time) before I had removed the first so she has been sitting contiuously on eggs for over 40 days. My options are:- 1) do nothing and hope she can manage by herself. 2) introduce another ma
  9. Hi! I'm Adaira and a college student at the University of Oregon, in Eugene Oregon United States. My boyfriend of 2.5 years are going through school together and felt like our home was empty. That is when we decided to welcome Nugget! We are very new and have had Nugget for 2 days now, and we think Nugget might be between 2-3 months. Just a baby I am looking to make some friends here and get some help from other new and/or experienced budgie friends. Here is a picture of my boyfriend and I, and another of our little baby. Any guess on the gender? We have no idea yet... b
  10. kathryn92

    Hey :)

    Hey, I am new to the forum, have really enjoyed reading heaps of the stuff on here prior to joining, but thought I might have to participate more!! I have had budgies in an aviary for most of my life, but have now started breeding. I have five pairs in breeding cages, with one already on eggs! Hoping to learn more and more each day, thanks!!
  11. Hello Everyone, My name is Jack and i'm a birdaholic. (I'm sure that's been said, but ill say it anyway) I've always been fascinated by birds and when the time came for me to move out, it was only a matter of time before i got my first bird. Judd!!! I have since bought 3 more budgies 2 Girls and a Boy From left Judd, Lilac, Ivory and the one up top is so far unnamed (any Suggestions) And here is there aviary Thanks Everyone, look forward to hearing from you