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  1. I would say a hen! Looks about the same age as my little baby.
  2. I have a new budgie (this is the third day) and mine stayed on the highest perch for the entire first day, but now Nugget is playing all around the cage. I think it just takes time to settle in and realize it is not in danger.
  3. Thank you! We thought for sure a male initially, it's only been here two days and already has warmed up to my hand, voluntarily jumps up onto my finger when I rub the belly and the cere looks blue... but after reading around online I read (Can't remember where... I think on the top posts) that sometimes blue can mean female? It's also kind of white as well Tossed up!
  4. Hello! I just posted in the New to BCC Thread. Wondering if you can help me figure out what might be the sex? I am not sure. We are dying to know! Will be happy either way, of course this is baby Nugget
  5. Hi! I'm Adaira and a college student at the University of Oregon, in Eugene Oregon United States. My boyfriend of 2.5 years are going through school together and felt like our home was empty. That is when we decided to welcome Nugget! We are very new and have had Nugget for 2 days now, and we think Nugget might be between 2-3 months. Just a baby I am looking to make some friends here and get some help from other new and/or experienced budgie friends. Here is a picture of my boyfriend and I, and another of our little baby. Any guess on the gender? We have no idea yet... b