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    Breeding and showing budgies and breeding conures. I enjoy teaching my birds tricks and constantly talking to my friends about birds and their genetics, even if they are not listening! I'm also very interested in science especially biology and enjoy learning more about budgie genetics!
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  1. thank you! yeah sassy is a real character! he has learnt so many tricks and can mimic a few words!
  2. Budgies


    She is a very nice bird! I'm sure your two budgies will get along fine! welcome to the forum!
  3. hello everyone! I'm new to the forum! I have 55 budgies, 15 Australian which I breed for pets and 40 English which i breed for exhibiting! (and the population of my budgies never stops growing! it will probably be 65 next week ).I have just rebuilt my aviary and bird room so I can expand my exhibiting population! I have owned birds for all my life but have been into breeding and exhibiting budgies for nearly 6 years now! i have owned so many different species of birds from Galahs to many species of conures to macaws to budgies! I think budgies are amazing birds and have so much charact