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  1. Sorry to hear about Nigel .
  2. Thanks for your kind words & replies . Boy I'm missing my bird Fluff .
  3. My bird Fluff passed away today , she was very sick , she passed away in my hands before I got her to the vets to be put to sleep . she's out of pain now , she was just the best bird . :hug: :hug: Fluff . Thanks everyone for your support . Toohp
  4. woke this morning my bird survived the night but no improvement , spoke with the vet he suggested I put her to sleep or try two more days in hospital under proper care but I'm only prolonging the outcome as he looked at the test results and said it looks bad . She sitting in her cage eyes close head tilted back & breathing heavy , I tried again this morning giving her the medication but once again I didn't do a very good job . I can tell she likes her enviroment here so do I let her pass away here or there's a big chance she will pass away in the hospital cage or have her put down today ? Vet suggested not to let her pass at home as she may be in some pain . I have to call him back in a few hours and make a decision . This is so so hard .
  5. I tried again no good and my bird is worst , seems like the stress has effected her ? I'll contact the vet in the morning but I fear the worst by then , It wasn't the antibiotics it was only the food supplement mixture I had to get into as she still hasn't eaten , at the vets they were crop feeeding her .
  6. Ive just tried to admin the medicine and made a complete mess of it , I continue to have problems holding my bird properly , my birds looking worst for wear from the stressfull experience , she's all wonky on her feet all fluffed up and not looking too good at all. Dam not happy . :rofl:
  7. Update - I have my bird back home Fluff 's so happy to be home in her cage , she's resting now but she's done the round's of rubbing herself over all her toy's . Down side is she has liver problems , upside is Ive got her for however long again, everyday is a blessing . I have to give her several types of medications & got a demo of how to hold my bird again so hopefully I won't have too many problems like Ive had the past . A big thanks again to Pat Macwhirter , Phil Sacks & all the staff at Highbury vet clinic there fantastic down there :rofl: Cheers Toohp
  8. No I don't know how to crop feed and I agree I might have to learn , won't be easy as I even have trouble giving medication through the syringe , biggest problem is holding my bird , she always seems to squirm loose . I watched the vid clip today actually , best I watch a few more times . I'll ask the vet to show me how to hold my bird . As a first time bird owner I can't believe how attached Ive become to my bird - Dam , makes it hard when they get sick . Thanks Toohp
  9. Sorry to hear about Len . My bird just got diagnosed with the same problem - It realy sucks .
  10. Got the blood results back today unfortunatly not good news , one of the counts in the blood came back extremely high @ 9000 ,normal is around the 375 , vet say's this is seen in birds with liver problems and has never seen a reading this high , vets going to go ahead and treat with some medication as there migh be another thing hapening as well but reading between the lines sounds like I may not have her for all that much longer , strangly thou Fluff looks okay but is still not eating and is being crop feed and will stay in hospital for another day or two . Knowing Fluff she will rally and stay around for quite some time yet - here's hoping . I'll keep you posted , thanks for your kind word & support . Cheers Toohp
  11. Ive taken my bird to the vet where they are going to take a blood test , the dropping swab tested extremely high abnormal bacteria , so they have kept her in overnight .
  12. I posted a question the other day re my birds droppings , I awoke today to find she wouldn't eat anything then within 1 hr she had got so bad she lost balance & grip of her perch lucky I put my hand in quickly enough as she fell backwards and she landed in my hand . This dosn't look good . I'd take her to the vet but in the last two visits to the vet he said I don't think there's anymore we can do for Fluff due to the two tumours she has , she's been sick on and off over the last year or more in hospital twice , amazingly she rally's and comes good but this time it looks real bad . I put her on the bottom of her cage on a soft towel in front of her favorite mirror which she was clinging onto and made sure she was warm , she just laid there struggerling to breath and hold her eyes open . I gave her some water and she drank quite a bit , I then gave her some budgie grass which she nibbled on and within 20 mins she picked up a bit enough to show me she wanted to go back up to her top perch . She's been ther all day eyes' mostly closed and breathing quite heavy , Ive noticed the tumours look a bit bigger especialy the one near her vent , I'm afraid if I take her to the vet he will either say there's no more we can do or if he puts her in Hospital that's where she may die and I rather her pass away at home in her favorite room with her toys etc . Am I wrong about this ? At present she has her head under her wing and breathing very heavilly whilst clinging to her mirror , she wont eat or drink anymore . I'll be supprised if she get's over this , my poor little girl .
  13. My bird seems a little quiet & moody and her droppings have changed to this real long type worm dropping , can anyone Identify what's possibly wrong if at all with this type of dropping ?
  14. toohp

    Budgie Lovers

    I know where your coming from Richo , I too go through the same thing with my mates . I especially remember one time when I anounced I had a budgie and the reply I got was '' NO NO tell us it's an Eagle '' Now my bird with certain mates is nicknamed '' The Eagle '' . I don't care and I laugh about it . My bird is fantastic !
  15. Ive noticed in the last couple of months my bird now make's slurping noise's when she drinks Sitting here on the computer at night I hear slurp slurp slurp from under the cover on her cage , quite funny like someone slurping through a straw . Ive noticed my bird does the same routine everyday , when it's time to eat she runs over to her seed dish but on the way gives her spinning mirror a whack ( spin ) then proceeds to eat , when finished climbs to the next level perch runs across for a chew on the calcium bell , then it's off for a drink and then scrapes her ber beak from side to side on her favorite toy one each side and that's it same every day . I have seperate natural perches in her cage that she loves chewing the bark off , when she's ran out of bark on one side of the perch fluff runs over and whacks the bell runs back stands beside her perch untill I turn it around so she can chew the other side Not only does she ring the bell for the turning of the perch but other things as well . Why do I sometimes feel like the Butler ?
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