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Budgie names

Guest kyliepops

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Guest AnimalStudent

I thought sky was a girl when i got him, and the colour of him was so strange compared to the other budgies in the shop. He was blue and white, but with no definate pattern - he looked like a blue sky with fluffy clouds on! hence the name!


I decided after i'd got sky that my next budgie would be called "pixie", but when i went to get bob (and was assured that she was a boy (Laughing out loud)...) i decided she looked like a definate bob! Well, the long version was "georgie porjy pudding and pie bob" (don't ask!) and when we found out he was a she, she got renamed "Bobbitallulah"! (or bob for short!)


My next bird which will probably be a cockatiel, is going to be called Gillian, after a song by a band called within temptation...

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Guest JJ2571

First budgie was named SB who was green (this is the short version as his full name sounds like swearing) he was named by my husband as he used to get into so much mischief.


Charlie also green started by being called Cheeky Charlie because of his antics and then ended up just being called Charlie and Joey who is blue, white and cream,again was named by my husband.


We also had Shadow who I named, he was a lovely lilac colour and Dizzy who was a grey.


Sorry do not know the correct name for the colours.


We only have Charlie and Joey now.

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(hehe... just had to pop in!)


Well... my little guy's name is Nikko. I wanted something cute and fun, and that kind of popped in, but I also wanted a meaning to his name.

So I went on some baby-name sites and found 'Nikko' as a Japanese name meaning 'Daylight'.


To be honest I was going through some teen angst stuff at the time and kind of depressed, but after I got Nikko, I'm just all smiles! So I refer to him as my little ray of light, hence Daylight! hehe! :D

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Guest Frejay

Alfie is called alfie because... I saw the add for the the movie Alfie. I loved the name, so alfie it was! I now think of it as a girls name!!! (Laughing out loud)(alfie=a girl)

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Alfie is called alfie because... I saw the add for the the movie Alfie. I loved the name, so alfie it was! I now think of it as a girls name!!! (Laughing out loud)(alfie=a girl)
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Guest Angelic Vampyre

Harley - Cause he came to be in a box stuffed down a guys jacket riding a harley motorbike


Olive - as in Olive Oil cause I forgot that I had ordered her from the breeder untill he called me to come and pick her up ! *head hits desk* and I always forget to pick up Olive Oil at the shop!


It took me a while to name her cause for the first few days she didn't let her personally show now Olive Oil suits her cause I think of that old cartoon with popie or something and his wife was Olive Oil I think and he was always looking ofter her and I am going to stop rambling now...

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I love your reasons for choosing names!! :D

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Mine are:

Cheeky-Blue - because I had the idear that all budgies are cheeky (He IS) and blue because he is blue! :)

Rascle - to go with Cheeky


Tenitiah - my cousin named her bu i just love the name.


and Lady Chatter - the man I bought her from called her lady and she chattered all the way home!


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i chosse the name Louy because...

i really like the name ^_^

Maybe i should have put more thought into it :)

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McGyver got his name because I used to lock his cage with a paperclip and he used to pull it apart and escape... it was a running joke that one day he would blow the door off so the name fitted. Then we found out our little boy was a little girl... so we got her a partner, Mash, named after an equally old school tv series, (Laughing out loud).

They are currently raising their first clutch and doing extremely well


I named my first budgie PK, because he was very chewy.


And Whiskey got his name after dive bombing into an open glass of scotch on his maiden flight.

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Sara - was named after my daughter's friend in pre-school.

Birdy - she was very baby when we got her and we didn't know if she is a boy or a girl so we decided to call her Birdy until we know the sex, but after couple of weeks you feel the name just suits them and it's hard to change so she stuck with Birdy.

Tim-Tam (Timmie) after the biscuits (Chocolate biscuits in Australia) the kids were eating some, and they said this new bird is so sweet like a Tim-Tam, and here it was.

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Hi All


Everyones budgies have such lovely names! How/why did you chose them?


To start the post off...


Kylie was named that because my husband told me I could only get a budgie if I called it Kylie, named after the pop star. It really suits her now! She also gets called Kyliepops, the pops and bob-bob kylie (because she bobs a lot when she is happy!!!) :parrot:




Hi Graet topic,

One of mine was my second name JANE the other one was shortened to Ricky from my Dad's second name Richard The others we just chose - Cookie - Honey - and others



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I Have already told you most of the names but Since then My birds have had four babies so:


Cheeky-Blue - He's Blue and Cheeky

Tenitiah - No reason

Rascle - To match Cheeky

Lady Chatter - The breeder called her Lady adn she chattered all the way home

Buttercup - Named By new owner

Sunshine - Named By new owner

Twinkle Toes - Named By new owner

Kissy - I like It




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So interesting to hear the reasons people have come up with names for their birds!


Well for me...first budgie I had was Pip...I was only 10 at the time (I bought him with my birthday money - the best £10 I've ever spent, for sure!) and for some reason I had it in my head that I wanted to call him Pip. He was green too, like apples and apples have pips so I guess the link is kind of there :D


Then we had Smudge...he was a yellowface type II and I was trying out names about his colour and said...you've got blue and yellow bits smudged together like someone's painted you...so Smudge he became. My dad used to call him Smuggles tho, (Laughing out loud).


And now we have Holly (who is a boy, and I did think he was a boy from the start, so this is not a case of getting his gender wrong when I got him!) I didn't want to be obvious and call him Snowy (he's albino) and since it was nearly christmas when I got him so I tried out some christmassy names and Holly just kind of got in there, despite it being a girls name really. But I said if I call you Holly, that makes you Budgie Holly (Buddy Holly - get it? (Laughing out loud)) cos I wasn't really looking for a bird as Smudge had not long died very suddenly but there was Holly in the pet shop singing his little heart out. I walked away once, but when I went back a week later he was still there and still singing and so I got my parents to come see him and well ten minutes later he was on his way home with us!! I did want to call him Pinky for a bit cos of his bright pink feet but that was the name of my auntie's white cat.

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So far, my bird names have all been Japanese names/words because my hubby is into Japanese culture & anime, so it's my little way of getting him on 'my side' to keep more birds :feedbirds:


As for the names...


Roka - white crest of a wave

budgie is df dom pied cobalt and mostly white with clear wings and belly/back is blue


Tenjin - god of knowledge and learning

budgie is always listening to everything I say, and learns quickly from his bird-friends actions


Yoshe - lovely

she's my first violet and I think she's LOVELY!!!


Tori - bird

I liked the name and well she's my 'baby bird' the most lovable of the bunch since she is my first hand raised one


Kenja - wise sage

He reminded me of a little budda statue, and my hubby kept trying to name him 'pudgy budgie'

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Hi there!


I'm into psycholgy and named my budgie Maslow, after an American Psychologist, Abraham Maslow who delveloped an approach to Humanistic Psychology and proposed a Heirachy of human needs.

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I have already replied a while back but as I have new ones I figured I had better put them up!


Harley - Cause he came to be in a box stuffed down a guys jacket riding a Harley motorbike


Blue - Cause he came home wrap in my sisters Blue Jumper (also has a Blue patch on his back and it throws people cause they think Harley should be called Blue)


Flame - Named by a 3 year old and has a whole Arm action as you say it. She was originally called "Lemon Drop" But got Flame cause of her color and red eyes


Mozzie - Cause she bites and it hurts like a Mozzie!

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l named my budgies Hobbes and Claire, after my favorite shows character's names :wub:

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I have a lot of names, most of them I just like, so I only write the ones with a reason ^_^


Mayo - because I like Maya and he is a boy :D

Dozey - my hubby said it means something like Silly, as she is a bit silly

Jedi, Joda - star wars - my husband named them. Jedi doesn't fly, so we gave him a powerfull name to feel stronger :P

Diamond - he is pretty light grey, looked like diamond to me

Mig - female, flies like crazy - very good flier, not easy to catch ^_^

Mavrick - he is very good flier too. Mavrick is name from the movie Top Gun

Bambi - he was the youngest baby and he was so cute. Like the little dear Bambi :D

Snow Flake - because she is an albino ^_^

Rainbow - he looks like a rainbow to me

Shadow - he looks like a dilute rainbow to me :P

Star - her yellow color is very shiny like a star


okay, that's enough. I have more, but normally the name just comes to me with no real reason :)

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i name my birds after physical characteristics, or even personality traits


Macaroni and Cheese are named due to their colour - they are yellow face type II blue based dominant pieds, the look like a mottled creamino with these strange patches of seafoam green and bright blue.


Zeus was named as he looked regal and electric. Zeus the Greek god was famous for thowing lightning bolts, so with his electric colour and his looks, it suited.


Milly was given to me by a friend, who is a massive bulldogs fan (rugby league team). they wanted to name it Willie after a star player Willie Mason, but I pointed out it was female, so we comprimised on Milly.


Humphrey was my first bird, and he was a little strange at times. I named him after Humprhey B Bear. the song goes... "he's a funny old fellow is humphrey"


Mel and Kim are identical sisters, so they were named after the identical sisters who were singers in the 80's.


Tralia was named after her father, Ozzie. OZ-Tralia - see where I am going.


Kau'i means beautiful in Hawaiian and it suits the bird it belongs to.


Angel and Sunshine were named after their colours, many of Zues' offspring are/were named with greek names such as Mercury, Aphrodite, Athena, etc. the injured leg burd was the daughter of Zeus, so she was pegasis, also for her peg leg.


Nibbler is the sone of Zeus and Milly. Even as a young bird, he was never afraid of me. If I put my hand near him, he would nibble on my fingers, from the time he first started to feather up. Nibbler was the only name for him.


Hugo - who knows what Mum was thinking, Sherbert - my sister is responsible for that one, Butternut - term of endearment, princess - same reason as Butternut.


Romeo and juliet were named by my sister as they would always sit kissing each other when they were younger. Romeo went on to be a stud, kissing and pleasuring many females. Although his son looks different - Romeo is a sky blue, and his son is cobalt, he has the same attraction for the ladies, and thus is named Romeo Jr.


last one is Brewster. Her long name is Punky Brewster. She is a yellow face type II and she is blue and green on her chest. She looks a bit of this and that. There was a tv show in the 80's called Punky Brewster and it was about this lost kid who came to live with this old caring guy. The kid wore all different colours and looked a shambles. My Brewster was found by others and then came to live with me. Kind of the same story. I am even the old dude - (Laughing out loud).


So there you have it. Colours, personality, parents, even how they come to me influence their names.

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My friend Ceinwen has a cockateil called Beakie and my son wanted our new budgie to be called the same name, so we called him Beaky.


Hey when a nearly 4 year old makes a choice, everyone has to listen!!!!!!

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I try to name my birds after fruit!

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My friend Ceinwen has a cockateil called Beakie and my son wanted our new budgie to be called the same name, so we called him Beaky.


Hey when a nearly 4 year old makes a choice, everyone has to listen!!!!!!


I have a budgie named Ceinwen. It is Welsh(the name, not my bird) and means fair, white, lovely. My Ceinwen is either a "poor" albino or a "poor" fallow. It's hard to tell. She's a beautiful bird no matter what. Right now she has 5 chicks, but some day I'm going to post pictures and see what others think she is. My other birds are:


Sun - Named by my daughter

Skye - Named by my daughter

Phoebe - Means "Bright" or "Radiant" in Greek. From my favorite book growing up, "Eight Cousins" by Lousia May Alcott. Phoebe was the housekeeper's assistant and good friend to Rose, the novel's heroine.

Jaleh - A friend's name that I love. Jaleh is Persian and means "Rain"

Pretty Bird - He's, well, a pretty bird

Aolani - Hawaiian for "Cloud from Heaven"

Aleta - Greek, "Small winged one"

Ayddenyd - Welsh, "Winged"

Bronwyn - Welsh, "White Breasted"

Azure - "Sky Blue"

Leftover - From a clutch of 6 that I had found loving homes for all but the last sweet bird

Orion and Andromeda - Rescued birds I adopted from the local SPCA. The names just fit.

Gwenhwyvar - Welsh, "White (holy, fair) and smooth"

Liadan - Irish, "Gray Lady" - She's actually mauve, but I couldn't find a name meaning "Mauve Lady" :D

Quetzalcoatl - Aztec god of the sky name meaning "Feathered Serpent"

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego - All birds from "my" very first clutch

Princess Blue Heart - Dominant Pied with a perfect blue heart shape on her breast

Eirlys - Welsh, "Snow Drop". A beatiful name for this albino beauty

Hazel - Named after my grandmother

Wind Dancer - My only Show type budgie. Named for the aviary where he was raised


RIP Glynis who passed away just before Christmas. Welsh "Holy, Pure" or "Valley"

RIP Ocean - My very first bird who started my love (obsession) with budgies


I think that's everyone, except for the new chicks. Nine so far and more to come.



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Great names everyone !


I've chose strange names for my boids.


The larger female ( not sure if she's a female ) I named Saucy Face. And she/it, is a Saucy Face Monster !


Her buddy ... I call Weebil or Baby Boy. He is so small & scared of the world. He hides & jumps away from everything & anything ... he is missing toes on both feet. I thought of calling him Tripod because of the missing toes. A girlfriend suggested I call him Stumpy ! I didn't like that idea much.


He responds to me talking to him & calling him Baby Boy or Weebil. Soft talk is making him come to the cage bars & seek me out. Only time can tell for the Baby Boy.

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my kids name my birds so that very simple names.


Jack-we got given him and that was his name

Jill- she was orginally called Pet after my daughter Petra but Jack took a fancy to her so my kids changed her name to Jill

Henry- my son choose his name

Romeo- as soon as i bought him home he started chasing the girls

Tweety and Sly [slyvester]- are brother and sister and my kids like looney tunes

Violet or Violent- depends upon what mood she is in during the day to what we call her.

Runt- he was the smallest in the 4 babies i hand raised and we nearly lost him.

Boris- husband pick his name

Benny and Billie- brother and sister so the kids wanted B1 and B2 but i got them to pick two names starting with b

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