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  1. the name does sound familiar to be honest haha
  2. Thanks maesie , haha i know i was wondering if some of you would still be here and i sign in to see almost everyone i remember from 3 years ago
  3. Thanks Sunnie yeah i do remember alot of people too
  4. Hi all, I'm now 17, and haven't been on the forum since i was 14 years old! Guessing school became harder and took up alot more of my time. The forum style has changed alot! liking it great to be back. Now have 6 budgies and 3 cockatiels
  5. Just signed back in after 2 or more years! :o

  6. Thanks all My friend is going to take them to the vet, i will keep you updated .
  7. Hi all One of my friends that also owns budgies is pretty worried about her birds, she said that they are vomiting, fluffed up and have clogged vents, she's also seen them "coughing" before which is what my birds did when they had psittacosis, I think it could be psittacosis, but im not sure, she's treating them for worms at the moment. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this could be?
  8. Thanks for all the advice , The birds have been treated for 5 weeks now, one week to go . All of the birds are looking good.
  9. The birds have been treated for about 4 weeks now, they are looking pretty good .
  10. Treatment is going pretty well, I haven't changed their diet, just seed and corn. All the birds are looking okay so far . You may have been given doxyvet or psittavet to treat your birds. A powder that goes in their water ? Its a six week treatment, but as Liv says not fruit and vegies or other water sources whilst on those meds. The water with meds in it has to be fresh daily too...it goes off very fast and cannot be in the sunlight.Yep it is Psittavet, and I change it every morning, thanks .
  11. Thank you . Thanks for all the advice everyone .
  12. Thanks all for your advice. I found an avian vet and brought in two of my sick birds. The vet did a fecal test and we will probably get results tomorrow. The vet believes that my birds have Psittacosis, and she gave me treatment to treat my entire flock for six weeks. She also told me that I need to improve my birds diet as they're not getting enough fruit and vegetables.
  13. Okay, why does it have to be kept in the fridge? Thanks .
  14. Sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Sky.
  15. okay, I will try to find an avian vet, one of the birds died last night, do you think that they could do an autopsy, or is it best to take a sick bird?
  16. Ummm, pretty hard to remember as it was a while ago, but all I can remember was that you put in in the birds water and it was green? The vet wasn't an avian vet.
  17. I have taken one to the vet and the vet gave me some medication to put in the birds water, it didn't seem to help.
  18. Hi all, A few of my budgies have gotten sick and died shortly after and it always seems to be the same sickness ('coughing' regurgitating food). I think that maybe there could be something in my aviary, like a bug or something. I'm also thinking that maybe it's mice, even though I haven't seen any around. I am going to clean the cage, from any bugs, and try to make it mouse proof, which I'm unsure how to do. Does anyone know of something I can give to my birds to keep them healthy? Any advice would be so helpful. Thank you.