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  1. so...disgustingly cute nah they're gorgeous
  2. Indz♥

    Pet Shop

    Hahahah Funny yet sad
  3. Oh well my mums job is mostly driving around picking up old and disabled people and taking them shopping :hap: She hates driving now
  4. :budgiedance: .... This happened to my zara girl... One day my mum noticed that her legs were a bit shaky as she walked... the next day she was taken to the vet they said it could have been a toad the next day she came home but was later taken to the emergency pet ER they said she could have been poisened She was put down four days after the intial vet trip, it was either a brain tumor or baiting... She had just turned one.... It got so bad in the end she couldnt walk eat drink ad she had to kept in a cage because she shook so much....I was there when she was put down... I felt her
  5. this sounds cool!! Yeah if you could tell us the name of the book I would definatly be checking it out!
  6. Oh thats so sad! My freinds had 2 budgies one of them drowned while he was drinking and my friends had to sit by and just wait while he died... And the other one got her leg and stomach get ripped off/open (By a rat! Always keep the cage securly closed!!)
  7. Warm cage is organized no lamp .... My house does get very dusty..... Um I have a big thick wooly dressing gown over her cage near me is this good?
  8. No she's not moulting we can't afford a vet at the moment and the vets would be closed will have to wait untill morning.
  9. i don't want her to be sick! unfortanutly (sp?) i don't have a heat lamp and she is showing no ther signs of illness oh please don't be sick Dottie!!! She's been like this for a while but i've thought nothing of it....
  10. Uh Hey people I just have a bit of a concern with my fattie Dottie She sneeezes alot at one time but nothing comes out and sounds the equivalant of a cold and i'm a bit worried. Her poops have been normal and she's very active so i'm just wondering if there is a way to stop this because i've just figured out that it sounds like her "nose" is blocked. Thanks ♥Indz♥
  11. (random) Good night peoples Sleep tight sweet dreams
  12. awww i love the budgie/ring neck chunky braclet!! cool site KAZ ♥
  13. oh i know the feeling...my birds NEVER took baths but LOVE getting sprayed with hose in the sun verryyy lightly from bout 5 metres away :hap: I have this little shallow dish which is a budgie/finch bath that has a mirror in the bottom my birds absolutly LOVE swiming in it coz its just the right size!