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  1. The vet didn't say but I'm going to talk to him next week about it. I have to find him a home asap before I can really disinfect the room he's been in. I've done a bit of research and it appears to be quite a difficult virus to kill as it stays in the environment for a long time. I've ordered some F10 disinfectant which apparently helps kill the virus. I'll have some major spring cleaning to do !!!!
  2. Well I've just received the results from the vet and it's PBFD. Apparently budgies can cope quite well with it, unlike other parrots. I'm going to have to try and rehome him to a budgie only house because I can't have this disease in my flock as I'm planning to get other parrots in the future.
  3. I agree, it makes them lopsided, so I'm going to clip the other wing and then let them grow back. He's too young to start moulting as he's about 6 weeks old. The vet had a good look at him and is concerned that the feather shafts are abnormal. He thinks it could be either polyomavirus or PBFD. If it's the latter, I'm really worried. The vet said that budgies recover well from PBFD but its not good if you have other parrots around. I only have budgies now, but would like larger parrots in the future. It'll take about 10 days for the results of the blood test the vet took to come back. H
  4. Yes Finnie, this is the one I'm worried about. The breeder clipped one of his wings but it had a full complement of feathers until yesterday. He's lost a feather from each wing yesterday and one of them bled a bit. The feathers appear to have broken and the shaft at the top doesn't look normal. As a result I'm taking him to the vet today to get him checked out. The rest of his feathers look fine and not deformed or stunted. He's hard to photograph as he's always on the go!!
  5. I got a new baby budgie on the weekend and I thought I'd show him to you. He doesn't have a name yet as we're waiting to see what sort of personality he has, so for now he's being called 'baby'.
  6. Thanks Finnie that's really helpful. When he's settled in, I'll take him to the vet for a wellness check and to get his tail feathers checked out. He's certainly lively and appears quite well, it's just his tail. It's not the end of the world if he does have French moult as I'm not breeding my birds. I'll post a picture of him in the budgie pics section.
  7. I got baby budgie number 9 yesterday and I'm now concerned that he has french moult and possibly red mite :-( His tail is slightly shorter, with the two primary tail feathers missing. Before I bought him I had a good look and thought I could see stubs of new feathers. I also looked over his body and wings for mites etc and he was clean. I previously got a budgie in the similar condition, as tail feathers can get pulled out by other youngsters. The tail feathers in this case regrew quickly. Now I've had a look at him again with much better light and what I thought were stubs appears
  8. Damn internet access, only been able to reply now... Thanks L__J, I'm looking a a 10m2 size aviary, but haven't found a suitable size shed that doesn't cost the earth. I've thought through it some more and think I've got a suitable plan to build one at a reasonable cost. I just need to make sure the frame is strong enough.
  9. I'm looking at building an outdoor aviary for my budgies and need some advice. I've got a number of ideas for a design which incorporates my list of mandatory features (ie. double security door, vermin/snake proofing, partially covered roof, concrete floor), but I'm looking at what materials I can use for the frame. I've looked at buying an existing metal aviary or shed and modifying it, but they are quite flimsy and probably wouldn't stand up to the strong winds we can get. Basically I need to have a really strong frame which I can easily attach wire mesh and colorbond sheeting to.
  10. The cage looks good and it's a good brand so you shouldn't have any problems with it. I'm not sure where you'd get it online though.
  11. Is there any discharge from the nostrils and/or anything being coughed up? If so, a visit to the vet would be in order. If not, it could be to do with dust in the environment. A thorough wipe down of all the surfaces/floors and of the cage etc. should be done and see if the sneezing/coughing improves. Sometimes it's also possible for them to pick up bugs from the dust in the environment and this irritates their throat and lungs. If this has happened a trip to the vet to rule any bugs in or out would be a good idea.
  12. By what you say, it sounds like he's seeking your attention. Given he stops squawking once you take him out of the cage or cover the cage, he has succeeded in getting you to come over to him. If you don't like the sound, you MUST ignore him until the squawking stops, otherwise you are just reinforcing the behaviour and he'll keep squawking for longer and longer until you pay him attention. Have you heard of positive reinforcement? This is a great tool for managing animal behaviour. Basically what you want to do is reward the behaviour you like and ignore the behaviour you don't like. It c
  13. I have to agree, this is one of the better (if not the best) pet shops in the Canberra region. I haven't bought any birds from them, but they have a clean store and I've bought a number of toys and accessories from them. When I upgraded my budgie cage to 'grand palace' size, I ended up getting one from this store. They were really helpful and even carried the huge box out to the car for me. Unfortunately the box wouldn't fit in my car so I had to ge them to take it back into the store and put it aside until hubby could pick it up with his car. This didn't bother them at all as they certainly k
  14. In my random searching of the web (can't remember what for now!), I found the perfect t-shirt for us budgie owners!! http://www.cafepress...shirt,398814362 This site also has lots of other cool parrot stuff (for humans!)
  15. It's best to have an even number of budgies if possible. This way there is always someone to talk to. If they were fighting over the third budgie, it was probably because one of them didn't want be alone. If your two boys are happy, then I wouldn't change anything. If you're worried about them being inactive, try some different toys and hide food or hang food in places where they have to work to get at it.
  16. Thanks KAZ for this thread, it's really interesting. I guess these guys aren't very common, so having a photo/video diary of his progress from the nest onwards is important for others to understand them in case they get a FD in their flock.
  17. Just having fun and exercising his wings!
  18. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, she looked like a real cutey.
  19. You've received some great advice here Kristy and I hope it helps you improve your budgies quality of life. I know it can be difficult at times to create a varied diet for them and just giving them seed is easy. I find that when I'm preparing my breakfast, I prepare their food for the day as well. It doesn't take that much time if you're organised. I buy a 2-3 different types of greens that will last for 2-3 days before they go off (yep, this means regular shopping - I can't grow my own at the moment). This way they get something different every day and I rotate the greens they get. They
  20. Looking great splat!! I wonder if there is a market for insulated sheds for bird breeders? It seems that to get the right environment, breeders have to go to a lot of work to get it right. I know it gives people a sense of satisfaction in creating their dream birdroom, but what about those who can't phyiscally do it and don't have anyone to help? Buying a ready made shed for breeding would certainly help some people I'm sure.
  21. It's fantastic to hear that Jake's turning out to be such a lovely dog - well done splat, you've done a great job in raising him!!!
  22. He's perfectly marked and I love the floppy ears - he's soooo cute!!! Being a blue heeler, he'll be a very loyal companion. Just make sure you're firm when it comes to training as they can be quite willful - too smart for their own good!!!
  23. I found that when mine were babies they would tend to kick/dig in their seed containers so it would go everywhere. So I'd put paper on top of the grate so they could still eat the seed they split. When they got older, they stopped this behaviour so I removed the paper from on top of the grate and rubbish would fall into the tray below. I found this was easier to clean/manage and since they have multiple seed containers, no one goes hungry! I guess it depends on the bird's behaviour and how they like to eat. You just adapt the cage set up to the bird's preference for eating etc.
  24. That's a shame splat, he's such a little cutey.
  25. Yes, Dave I take my birds to an avian vet. It may be common, but given they hadn't seen it for a while at their practice, I guess it wasn't something that immediately came to mind. Also the bird weren't displaying typical symptoms of it either. From my research into this nasty little bug, I found it can be very difficult to pick up in tests anyway. When the first bird (Rosie) died, all the tests performed on her didn't reveal canker. All that was determined from the autopsy and pathology tests was that she had an infection due to the presence of liver damage. There was no evidence of anyth