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  1. That's disappointing... Maybe I'm best leaving the two guys live their lives then. Thanks
  2. That's a good point... I guess it's because I would wish to eventually breed my boys. I miss that part a lot. But see, I had gotten rid of a male in the past because the two guys were fighting over him now that Bud was gone. She used to be the center of attention of the three guys but she would police the process and there never was any fight. When she died, the guys started fighting over the third bird. Like... really nasty fights. I figured too that a girl would get them moving a bit more too. EDIT: I should add that it didn't bother me to get rid of Blue. He was wild and untameable
  3. So I've got two budgie boys left and I think they're starting to get lazy. As much as they have each other now, they don't move around as much as they used to and are quite content with being in their cages... Boring! (and unhealthy, I think) I already tried once to introduce a new female budgie. I had bought her adult in a petstore and ended up not trusting her (There's female violent and then there's nutcase violent.) so I returned her to the store. I'm just wondering what to do now. I have to deal with my mom that keeps saying "We need two new females or else they're going to fight lik
  4. Sugar soap? I never heard of that... Do you buy that at the grocery store?? I'll be sure to try out the vinegar next! Thanks folks.
  5. Michelle

    Hey There

    Thanks folks, it's fun to be back
  6. Trust me, these walls need SOMETHING to clean up with White vinegar cleans walls? Really? I had no idea it works! I wonder how good it is. We need to get some painting done though, so I guess I still have to move the birds somewhere when the painting part comes. Do you guys know for how long painting fumes are harmful?
  7. My folks have decided to start cleaning up the walls yesterday while I was not home. Of course, when my mother started idly chatting about how she mixed bleach and dish soap, I was sorta freaked out considering that it's clearly written on the dish soap bottle to NOT MIX WITH BLEACH. (Read labels? Please?! Some people suicide by mixing cleaning chemicals you know, there's a reason why.) After me warning her about how dangerous it is, she then left for the store to buy more bleach. She proudly stated upon her return that she bought this bleach because the other bleach smelled too much and could
  8. Michelle

    Hey There

    Hi folks I haven't posted here since a couple years so I figured I should start over and re-introduce myself and my pets. I'm Michelle and I'm the lucky owner of 2 budgies and a good little dog. Last time I was here I had 4 budgies... Bud, Pat, Godzilla, and Blue. Unfortunately, Bud passed away June 19th, I had to have her euthanized. The trip to the vet sucked. Not only was it an emergency so she made me pay 130 bucks for the trip by default, but she had no clue what was wrong with her and wanted to make me pay for a ton of "In case this works" meds. I was sorta horrified of what k
  9. Say, is it just me or Elmo has a dark splotch over his cere??? wow... he's so big. XD I wish I had a big budgie too.
  10. Here is a small reminder on one thing we should all know: don't give over-the-counter medicine to your pets because they can be pretty harmful. Lots of companies just mass produce **** and does not care about your pets' health. http://consumerist.com/5046971/hartz-flea-...e-cats-and-dogs http://www.hartzvictims.org/ , the guys they link to... have pretty bad stories. I'm sure their stuff kills fleas pretty well. After all, they poison their host too.
  11. That's hum... Wow. They're spoiled little picky brats, aren't they. Hope he'll be better now! That was close.
  12. That's the urine part, no??? http://www.birds-online.de/gesundheit/gesa...katorkot_en.htm Found that website... they show poop examples.
  13. Well I don't have batteries so I can't tonight... But wouldn't it be apparent in his baby pictures? He didn't seem to have feather problems back then.
  14. One thing I always wondered... How can they even see where they are going with a hairdo (featherdo?) like that?!