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  1. Hi Birdluv, It all changed after the other bird arrived, but not straight away, it was roughly 2 weeks after. Before he was a lovely little bird. I'm still trying to take him out and spend time with him out of the cage. It's a struggle to get him out. He bites and screeches and carries on. Once out he's unpredictable....... he will be sitting on your shoulder happily (That's where he likes to be) and next he'll bite you hard on the side of the face. He's not selective he's got 3 of us so far. He bit my son so hard he had a massive welt on his cheek, now he won't go near him.
  2. I put the cage back the way it was before a couple of days ago. Maybe it will take some time for things to go back to normal. Any chance he is reacting to the bird we are "birdie sitting" or are the toys the more obvious answer?
  3. No Kaz, no mirror toys, just rings and bell configurations and things that spin. I'm wondering though, something I just thought of..... We are "Budgie Sitting" a friends bird whilst they are away on holidays. They haven't interacted or even seen each other, our bird is upstairs in the lounge room and their bird is in the study downstairs. I would hate have anything happen to either so I thought I'd keep them as far apart as possible. I know he can hear the other bird. (But he can hear the wild birds outside too.) I didn't think of it before because we had already been looking aft
  4. okay......... so I just offered him some greens. He stepped onto my hand so I took him out of the cage without any fuss. He jumped onto my shoulder (like usual) and there he sat, until...... out of the blue he bit me hard on the side of the face about an inch away from my eye. When I tried to then get him off my shoulder he started biting my hand. Does this sound like it might be more hormonal/molt related? Do all nice little budgies go through this nasty stage? I'm trying not to take it personally! Should I back off completely and leave him alone for a while or continue to try t
  5. Thanks for that. I've put the cage back as it was before, although it hasn't made any difference, yet. I make sure the kids don't take him out on their own, so nothing has happened to him exiting his cage to my knowledge. We usually cover him when it gets dark and uncover him when we get up. So thats around12 hours. Should I try covering him a couple of hours earlier to extend it to 14 hours covered? I'll take the Asian Greens (his favourite) out of the cage and try giving them to him by hand in the cage to start with. When is the first moult and how long does it last
  6. Hi everyone, I'm in need of your help. About 6 weeks ago we added a hand raised baby budgie to our family. Everything has been going along fine, he's been lovely, a very sweet little bird...... until now! We get him out as much as possible, 2 or 3 times a day and he would stay out for around an hour or so each time. Getting him out of the cage was no problem, he would "step up" onto your finger (maybe jump back onto a perch once or twice) and then you could lift him out the door. He's happy to ride around on a shoulder, he will step off onto your finger and back to your shoulder and s
  7. Thanks so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I've looked online and in the local newspaper/trading papers for breeders in Brisbane but I'm not having much luck at the moment. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places. For exactly all those Facts listed I was cautious about being sold a bird in a pet store by someone who knows even less than I do (which would be hard to find!) but is just telling me what I want to hear or making it up as they go along. I had a feeling I was going to struggle telling baby from adult myself!
  8. Hi All. My son wants an all yellow (or white) Budgie for his Birthday. Hope this isn't the most ridiculous question, but..... I know the barring (spelling?) coming down close to the cere denotes a juvenile bird. What do you get on a single coloured bird? I just want to be ready when I'm trying to assess the age of a cage full of birds in the pet store. Any tips?
  9. Hi all, we are setting up the cage for a new Budgie and was wondering what you all line the bottom of you cages with? I have seen written in my research that some people use non toxic kitty litter. Is that an option or do you stick to newspaper/paper towel? Also, the grate that comes at the bottom of the cage... is it better for their feet to take that out or leave it in? Seems to me that it wouldn't be too comfortable for them to be waddling around trying to grip onto those bars underfoot.