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  1. Lovely photos, the 2nd one is my favorite. You've got a really beautiful flock.
  2. Cool, do you feed this normally? Thanks, I'll try feeding it to them soon. On a side note, I've read that too much spinach can cause difficulty in absorbing calcium. I'm not too sure if it is the calcium from the spinach itself, or all calcium.
  3. She looks so nice! You're right, her tail does look a bit green, but the first picture doesn't really show it.
  4. The other day I wanted to try something new with the birds, so I picked up a couple of random things; Baby Spinach and Wheat Germ. I remember reading somewhere about Wheat Germ, but just to be on the safe side, I wanted to make sure it was safe by asking here. The same thing goes for the Baby Spinach. Does anyone have any experience using either of these to feed to their budgies? If so, how do you prepare, and serve/use it? Thanks in advance!
  5. I bet it is a bit weird thinking that you're going to be going to high school in only a short period of time! I'll be going in Grade 9 around September 2nd, so I'm a bit more behind than you in school. :D I have like, 5 months left of school this year. Heh.

  6. Ooo! Pieds are a nice mutation, do you think this might effect the breeding results?
  7. Oh! I bet it's 10x more exciting for you, but I can't wait until you get that hen! When you were visiting the pet store, what condition was she in? (I saw the pictures, but was there anything else that seemed unhealthy about her?) P.S. Instead of going off topic here, I'll PM you soon. EDIT: I can't send a PM to you, I think your inbox might be full.
  8. My parents would probably do the same thing, so not surprising. When are you going to get the hen again? I forgot. P.S. Hehe! I've gotten so busy with the school year starting up again that I didn't have much time to be on the forums. School was out today because of the snow storm going on, so I actually had some free time.
  9. Exciting is right! I can't wait to see how this turns out Ratzy! P.S. I like your 2nd logical reason too!
  10. Mine use to do this too, and Koko still does. I was trying to figure out what caused this, but all I could see was that they reacted to how long I was gone, lighting, and the time of night. If I left the light on when their cage was covered for the night, and left the room for a long period of time, they would be like that when I came back. But when I got in the room, they would go back to their perches and start acting normal again. I wonder why?
  11. Dusty looks so darn cute, I can't imagine how annoying those long feathers are to him/her though. I've never really read much about Feather Dusters, but reading this thread has really shown a lot more to me. Thanks for posting updates about Dusty. Have you figured out if Dusty is a she or he yet? - Kassidy
  12. Aww... Such an adorable little one... His face just looks like he is saying "Duh....." lol. Soo dang cute! So what's his name? - Kassidy
  13. I actually use normal white paper and cover the bottom with that, then I put the grate on top. I have no slide out tray for the cage I use, so it is a bit harder to clean frequently like I used to. The birds don't seem to mind the grate, I actually think it is easier for them to grip on than a flat surface, but that is just my opinion of course. - Kassidy
  14. Aww.. Cute! I love anything miniature really!
  15. Congrats! Haha! Funny! He looks so proud to have that hat, and has this look on his face that is too funny!
  16. I would say hen, but better pictures in natural light would be much more effective. :emoticon112:
  17. Sounds like you should be starting another breeding journal soon enough, eh Ratzy?
  18. BEETROOT. I grate it up and my birds love it. They all have cute red stained beaks and facial feathers after too. Thanks. :sad: I'm not sure if I have seen any around where I live, but I'll try to find some. What do you guys think of Chickweed? I've been trying to find some around my house for a while, but I visited my grandparents house and I found some in their garden. I'm still not 100% sure it is Chickweed, but I'm pretty positive. I tried taking some home but I failed at keeping it alive. (They still have some more left in their garden) If I could get a hold of some and start growing it, what parts do I give to my budgies? Oh, also Cow Vetch is very common around here, along with Dandelions. I've read that these have lots of Vitamin A and are safe for budgies to eat, which I think is pretty good. What do you suggest I try? The Dandelion leaves get really big, almost as big as those Bok Choy leaves I saw in pictures. Thanks in addition!
  19. Yea, sorry about that. I am in the proccess of cleaning and organizing my photobucket albums and I can't really edit my post to fix them.... Anyone have any more suggestions? :doh:
  20. Well, I tried sprouting some seeds and they did. So I offered them to the budgies like I normally would and Kasper loved them! Koko also liked them but Kasper kept on going back for more. He even got some stuck on his beak! How are almonds for budgies? I finely crushed the ones I got but I don't know how to prepare or serve them. Does anyone have any advice?
  21. We didn't end up going that Friday, not yet. But I sent them an email talking about our situation. Their location is 3 hours away, so our food, gas for the car, and where we are going to stay if we stay overnight is going to add onto the cost of whatever it costs to bring them to the actual vet. We can't afford it right now at all, so for now I'm sending emails back and forth with them. They have helped me out so far by trying to figure out what is the cause of them becoming sick. I put a de-humidifier in there to help them and Koko looked so much better! (She was puffed up more, I think it was too humid in there) I'm still waiting for another email reply from them to see what else I can do, so what do you guys think I should do for now? I still have some Baytril left, do you think I could use it? I'm sorry I can't bring them to the vets since we can't afford it, but we are trying to figure something out.
  22. They are looking much better now! Great job! I guess that the female's beak was fine after the mites started clearing up right? How is she doing now?
  23. Congratulations Cory! Awesome picture! So cute!
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