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  1. Training 2 birds at once isnt as hard as the so called experts claim...our birds follow each other so in fact we have found it pretty succesfull dont also beleive what the book tells you, branch out people and try new thing I wish you the best in training.....by the way a guy i know fed his budgie boiled egg.....dont do that!!! feed them seeds, grasses and some fruits a pet store i knwo also recommended feeing them BBQ chicken....i was disgusted at this suggestion but due to censors in this forum i cant name this store
  2. hi guys, Havent been on the forums in a while but the good news is both my budgies have been successfully finger tamed.....turns out the shy one was easier to tame than the confident one so go figure LOL Anyways just wanted to know what another training exercise could be following succesful finger taming?? my birds will happily sit on my shoulder or on the lounge while i go around the house....im very happy as i was concerned they would be very hard to train any advice/stories would be great! Cheers, Frank Steamer
  3. Hi We have 2 budgies that are a similar age to yours....and also had the same issues in training, however they now lets us put our hands in the cage and they will perch on fingers, arms, shoulders once out of the cage every time It takes patience (sometimes very annoying i know) but the birds seemed to gain confidence and trust quickly once that initial barrier is broken e.g. they stayed in the cage every time we cleaned it out and eventually learned to trust us (these days when we clean the cage they either sit outside the cage on top of it or even on my shoulder while i do it
  4. Yo Dave, Nothing to worry about mate....the tail colour will moult off within 6 months.....sit back and enjoy the 20 bucks Q: Do you sell the birds you breed or keep them in your aviary?? Big $$$ in budgie breeding?
  5. Hi, One of my young budgies is fairly confident (wont run away whenever i go near the cage about 80% of the time) but the other is quite scared and will retreat like 90% of the time The shy bird will follow the confident one everywhere and they feed at the same time after the confident one goes in for some seed However: Will the shy one influence the confident one to retreat away as well??? or will the confident one be good for helping the shy one overcome its fears? Ive had the birds less than a week but they seem to have bonded extremly well so far.....singing togethe
  6. My budgies dont seem to like millet spray.....its been hanging up for over a day and they haven't touched it

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    2. bartbudgie


      it worked!!! a small piece on top of their seed did the trick! they were both eating it like crazy yesterday....thankfully....gonna try some rockmelon this afternoon

    3. maesie
    4. Teyet


      I thought it was a common thing as none of my 7 budgies will touch millet spray

  7. My budgies seem to sleep attached to the side of cage or upside down on the roof of the cage Amazing....I was never aware of this Also, in the morning when i remove the sheet from over the cage they let me rub their bellies...is this because they are still sleepy??? Even though their eyes are open
  8. So you think its a good idea to hang the millet spray inside their cage for them to taste at their own accord??? i would like them to get the taste for a certain food so when the time comes later to hand feed/get them to stand on my palm they will go for that type of feed everyone writes how much budgies adore millet spray but sadly mine dont seem interested
  9. How much do budgies like lettuce???

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    2. maesie


      Agree... and the reason behind it is because lettuce is a water based veggie, and contains very little nutrients, so it's better to feed them something with value.

    3. Catherine


      Bok choy and silver beet have better nutritional value than lettuce. Budgies love them.


    4. Elly


      Bartbudgie, budgies like lettuce a lot but it is NOT good for them and can give them watery stools, try spinach or kale this is a better altenative.


  10. Cheers mate...... we bought the birds from Kellyville Pets.....seemed like a good place EXCEPT the girl there assured me buying 2 baby budgies at same time wouldnt be hard to train at the same time so im a bit jaded about their "advice" plus i saw a small dog being slapped around out the front in the parking lot which was disgusting but i dont think it was a staff member but rather a local bogan who doesnt deserve a pet we went to petbarn today....pretty good supplies there man, cheers for letting me know it was there in your experience with baby budgies (not exactly sure how old
  11. Thanks for your replies I managed to buy some TRILL millet spray from woolworths last night so i have a piece of that clipped inside the cage next to a perch so the birds are free to feed on it......but they havent touched it yet So the general concensus is to let them get used to the routine of the goinngs on of the house and the noises involved (they were REALLY chirpy this morning while i was watching the ice hockey!) So once they get more acclimatised ill work on the more confident one so Milhouse (the shy one) wil hopefully follow suite
  12. Dont purchase from Kellyville Pets whatever you do Pretty much just a bunch of liars out there who know nothing!! Overheard a staff member say it was okay to leave a young dog inside a hot house......i mean come on !!! So avoid this store!!!
  13. Hi guys, this morning i placed some millet spray in my birds cage and they freaked out despite me slowly and quietly placing it in there as not to disturb or scare them We have had these babies since Sunday ......is this normal for them to be so freaked out i know its early days but im worried they wont ever warm to us How long approx until a bird will calm down and be less frightened etc.
  14. Thanks for the info Michelle, much appreciated! Last night we bought them some millet spray and im planning on putting a piece of that in the cage today to see how they like it.......then in a few more days ill try and offfer it to them by hand In the first week or so is it important for the birds to get used to the general cage interactions....for example, opening the door to replace water and food and also the removal of the catchment tray down below and the noise it make sliding it back in As one of our budgies seems to be alot more confident than the other, im hoping that th
  15. Hey Davey, Is there a Petbarn still in Northmead?? I want to buy millet spray for my babies Cheers