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  1. I def still want Percy to be able to fly but today he was on top of the kitchen cupboards and I just cannot reach him when he's up there. If I do get them clipped I'll get the Avian Vet in Toowoomba to do it and it'll be a 'once only' type of thing. Just until he's used to where everything in the house is and until we're able to have him at the point where we can get him safely back in the cage without worrying he'll hurt himself. I just worry that with him busting out of jail each time we open the cage door that something is going to happen. As it is, I'm now a bit reluctant to open the c
  2. Kaz, I wanted to add my 'disclaimer', I've seen on various websites some of the debates of clipping versus non clipping....as a new budgie owner I didn't want to get shot down in flames on the offchance. lol I just don't want my little mate to get injured and until he's well acquainted with the house and where everything is, I'm worried he will be. He's sitting in his cage at the moment, listening to music and singing along with it...clearly this mornings escapade has been forgotten by him already. Nevermind the fact that I can add a few more grey hairs to my head. lol I think I will
  3. *I have no desire to get into a heated debate with anyone but am really seeking some advice* We've had Percy for 3 weeks on Sunday (he's approx 8 weeks old), we've been getting him used to us and he's pretty used to having my hand in the cage to replace food and having a scratch on the top of his head (through the bars). If I put my hand in the cage though, he will move away from it, he doesn't appear frightened, would just rather avoid my hand and at this point is not ready to step up, we're okay with this, we're not going to rush him and are happy to move along slowly building trust.
  4. Thanks all, I was just a bit worried as I know it's good for him and he's pretty much ignored it. lol The dear wee fellow has been hanging out with me for most of the day and is swinging round his cage like a flaming acrobat. lol
  5. Hi all, we purchased Percy a Calcium Bell along with all of our supplies before we got him. Whilst the crazy Mr Percy plays with everything else in his cage, he has shown not a skerrick of interest in the calcium bell at all. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get him interested in it?
  6. Thanks everyone, we happen to think he's pretty gorgeous as well. He's in his cage on the bench talking to the kids while they make/eat breakfast. He also sat on the table yesterday in his cage and watched me do some baking while we both sang (we're both terrible) along to some music. He's def a pretty cool little dude. lol
  7. Here's our new pet Percy (if it's a girl, I guess it'll be Pursey ). If anyone can help us with what gender our bird is, I'd appreciate it. lol
  8. Thanks, that's really handy to know! Most if not all of our veges are organic so hopefully won't be too much of a problem. I'll certainly start limiting his intake of it though. We eat a ton of fruit and vege so there is always a supply of good fresh stuff in the house. I'm not sure my daughter was too impressed this morning when I shaved a few extra bits off her carrot for the bird. lol
  9. Thanks Kaz, the poop is fine and is in accordance with the 'healthy poop' guidelines I see on here. lol It's more staining a few of his feathers around his vent then anything. He has seed on offer and I put some veges into his cage in the morning and remove whats left early afternoon, thus far he's had grated carrot, broccoli (which he seems to adore), red capsicum and a small amount of apple. I've only offered veges that I've read on this forum as being safe. He (still unsure but have struggled to get a decent picture of his ceres) seems to be a happy wee bird, chirps away, plays, eats
  10. okay, I found the answer on Incense and Scented Candles (there goes my ultimate habit that I spend up large in the US on). lol
  11. Hi there, We got our baby budgie last Sunday, I'm a complete novice to this but so far Percy is doing great! I have been doing a lot of reading on this website but there is a LOT of info here and while that's great, I'm such a novice that it's making my head spin at times. I normally burn incense in my house but haven't since the bird arrived, is this safe to use still? I don't want to use anything that may harm. I've heard a lot of people talk about giving their budgies 'baths', either via a small container of water in the bottom of the cage or via a spray bottle. When should I
  12. What an awesome story, I love it!
  13. Melandco

    The Angel

    Gorgeous, I love it! I hate how people see animals as being 'disposable', when we moved over to AU from NZ a lot of people asked if we were getting rid of our dogs. Ummm no, not a hope in ***, they're family members and they go where we go! Cost a fortune but was well worth it, we wouldn't be without our pets and have made a commitment to them...hence taking 6 months to decide on what bird we were going to get.
  14. Thanks Kaz, I'll get onto it in the next couple of days. I must say that I find that bug in your sig disturbing...I tried to squash it. lol
  15. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome...I think someone neglected to tell me what time wasters these birds are, my husband, myself and our two children have spent half the evening sitting here watching the bird blink. hahahahaha My poor dogs are a little bewildered, at this stage I'm keeping them well away from the cage, they did have a quick sniff around when they first came inside earlier this evening and they pretty much ignored it until Percy started moving around. Thankfully I have enough doors around here to keep them well separated and can heavily monitor them getting used to the