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  1. I find my hens are way less playful and talkative than my boys for sure anyways. My Patty has never played with a toy and usually just sits about or beats up another budgie and she is 4 years old. Could be just personality.
  2. Well guys Im pretty sure its a tumour we have Chip booked into my avian vets tomorrow evening so I guess we will find out for sure. I have this picture which isnt great because he is a wriggle bum and my picture taking skills arent the best but you can make out what its like plus if you look super close you can actually seen sort of red veins in it.
  3. Oh thanks very much. He is only 1 and a half so I hope its nothing serious. I dont suppose you have any pictures of the lump or examples.
  4. One of my English budgies Chip I noticed this morning a little blood patch and I thought he had broken a blood feather so I caught him to have a closer look and it wasnt blood in fact he has a hard bone like lump on his wing fleshy coloured. Im gonna get a closer look tonight and some pictures of possible. Now he has a vets appointment tomorrow but this is something Ive not seen before and I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this type of lump before.
  5. I picked up this cage at The National Parrot Sanctuary. People donate stuff and they resell them to the public to help fund the charity. This was too good a cage to pass on. A bit of cleaning up and it looks brand new.
  6. Boomberry


    Max is my cancer stricken budgie who has had almost nothing short of illnesses since he was a baby. He was a couple with LC for almost a year up until last week when little Jamie changed cages. He has now dumped L.C and shacked up with a GUY almost 3 years younger than him :hap: There is life in the old dog yet
  7. Well you can hardly live without furniture :(Laughing out loud):
  8. Yeah I know what you mean Elly but its not done for free here, in fact its really expensive so unless Anthony has requested this done, there will be nothing chemical wise added to it :hap:
  9. What kind of suite is it - I find it highly unlikely that fumes is the issue. No new sofas have anything chemical used on them unless you have requested it and PAID for it. I know I got a new sofa delivered a while back and I was NO WAY paying an extra £200 to have it coated with something that in my opinion are not worth it. Well thats the case in this country anyways :hap:
  10. I would try both the Super and Tonic. I buy a tonic mix for my birds and they love it but I dont use that as a base seed for them. Standard is probably just mixed seed and Super probably has added pellets in aswell. Both will be fine I guess just trial and error to see which they like best.
  11. I guess if the aviary is big enough there shouldnt be too many problems but in an inside pet situation housing together is a no. In my opinion anyways and from my experience owning both species.
  12. The Harrisons Bird Seed in England is a different brand to the Harrisons pellets. I use the parrot version with added fruit and veggies for my Grey and its great quality so I think the budgie version will be just fine.
  13. Mine nap around 4pm everyday without fail.
  14. All my hens are destructive they chew and destroy everything - the boys dont get a look in at shredder toys at all.
  15. I think the cage is great for a single bird.