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  1. I got home this afternoon and it has clotted - so its now crusty. Its healing and doesn't look as bad. I would take the perch away but she loves that perch to bits, its THE perch in the cage if you know what l mean! The best perch! But if it is causing her harm l will remove it. Thank you everyone for replying. Also sorry about the quality, l just grabbed my phone and hurriedly put them online, l only had about 5-10mins otherwise l'd be late for work.
  2. She rubs her head a lot on this cactus branch which is a hard branch, she does that a little bit so maybe? Heres some pictures - sorry about the quality, tried to get her to sit still but its hard! The cut is above her left eye http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/mist...xx/Image003.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/mist...xx/Image004.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/mist...xx/Image005.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/mist...xx/Image006.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/mist...xx/Image007.jpg I have looked at the cage, felt around
  3. Sherbet has before had a little kick on her head, it was bleeding, but it cleared up fairly well. Fizzy helped out by cleaning the feathers. I woke up this morning to change their water etc and Sherbet has another cut on her head, on the opposite side, above her eye (about half a cm). Is there anything l can do? Why is this happening?
  4. Did he miss his mummy? How adorable - l'd miss my mummy too if my mummy fed me like that!
  5. Sherbet and Fizzy have finally been able to enjoy a bath I had bought for them months ago one that could be attached to the side of the cage, but it didn't quite fit so l placed it inside the cage, but they didn't take nay interest. When l feed them veggies l put them into a stainless steel bowl thats attached to the side of the cage. One day my dad filled it up with water and Fizzy took quite a liking to sitting in the water! He couldn't really splash around because it was a really small, he couldn't even get his little head in! So l went on a hunt for a larger bowl, l knew where
  6. Missy


    I did a major thorough clean of the cage, l even sprayed the stand with cockroach spray.. I have a question though, l let the stand air-out for about 20-30mins, so there shouldn't be any fumes coming off it, but l got down on my hands and knees and vacuumed up the seed off the concrete ground, and l then sprayed the area where the cage normally goes with cockroach spray. The concrete is underneath an awning, so l moved the birds outside on the grass more than 5m away. Just wondering how long l have to wait to let the fumes go away so l can put the birds back?
  7. That is so cool, my grandpop made my one when l was a little girl, l loved it to pieces!
  8. I made mine from buying those bead packs from the cheap stores, the ones you can make like a bracelet out of (aimed at kids) but because the beads were so big, they were ideal. They were also plastic.
  9. Wow, the white one is beautiful! Especially the light blue on the lower back, just gorgeous.
  10. I would love to get a new camera, but l barely use mine as it is I have too many trouble with the batteries, l need knew ones. I charge them all night and after a few shots the battery is low! Great pictures by the way!
  11. They are so sweet Just like your sweet little birds. You could always frame them and sign them?
  12. Wonderful idea! Seems like she is enjoying it too
  13. I'm sorry to hear that How old was he, if l may ask?
  14. Missy


    Oh l see, put a layer of thick paper OVER the wire at the bottom, as in on top, and put the bait underneath so its enclosed. Do l keep the tray in or remove the tray?
  15. Missy


    Haha, thats what l thought! Yes there is a gap, about 2cms l'd say? maybe more. Put a thick layer of paper on the bottom of the budgies cage then and bait the tray with either cockroach baits or the sticky trap baits. Won't Sherbet and Fizzy try and eat the bait?