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  1. Last night the fancy lost not only a great breeder but a truly wonderful person in Jean Horrobin. She achieved national wins with her favourite variety Fallows as well as the Opaline normals. She galvinized the fancy at all levels from National Judges to raw beginners in a way I have never seen before or since when she started a discussion via emails on the changes to the nationals with the three birds benched. She made it possible for every single person to have their say. Jean was a person that when she saw a need for a job to be done she just got on with it and did it and not many pe
  2. If its of any help i know of two breeders in the Coffs area..Coutts Crossing to be exact..if u want to pm me i can find out if its okay with them to pass on your details to contact
  3. We have been breeding and exhibiting birds since 1984 and until the last 12 months we have never spent what could be called big money on any purchase and i think that we have been reasonably successful on the bench. We were lucky enough to purchase Bobby Smith birds for $100 each, this was before he hit the big time at National level. The trick is to develop your eye for a good bird and watch the birds that are benched..all of the birds not just the winners. You can see who has developed features in depth across all their varieties and you can and will spot who is improving thier birds dramati
  4. You could try removing the hen for the moment. Once she has gone the cock bird may return to feeding as she wont be there to distract him but keep a close watch. You can return the hen once the chicks have fledged.
  5. Chookbreeder Bob Smith makes brilliant hospital cages..all the bells and whistles included
  6. Well if there was a train station handy i could hop a train if i knew which one to get..that is one option ..there are also taxis Up here the club or whatever organisation that is holding the auction arrange transport from the airport to venue for interstate bidders..
  7. Can anyone tell me the easiest way to get from the airport to the auction venue? i don't drive so a rental car is an non event..and of they have anything in place to transport birds for interstate buyers? i am interested in a couple of the birds and want see if it is do able Thanks
  8. Hi The Pine Rivers Auction was a very enjoyable day. Great atmostphere and some really good birds. I had birds in to sell and I also purchased a couple so can speak from both sides of the fence. The highest priced bird was from memory around $650 and the average price was around $300 and there were some really good quality birds available so in my opinion there was something for everyone. As a seller i was more than happy with what mine went for and as a buyer was spoilt for choice and all were affordable.
  9. Daryl i know this is off topic but can you tell me what time the Ipswich meeting starts tonight? We are going to join the club and want to go fix membership etc up Thanks
  10. Lot 13 went for $600 Lot 9 went for $1,600